BJP President Amit Shah Issues Statement Assuring SC/STs; Blasts Congress Over Bharat Bandh 'protests'

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Amit Shah has issued a flurry of tweets related to the large-scale rioting-in-the-guise-of-protests that was witnessed on Monday following the 'Bharat Bandh' call by numerous Dalit groups

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BJP party president Amit Shah has issued a flurry of tweets on SC/ST communities as well as the large-scale rioting-in-the-guise-of-protests that was witnessed on Monday following the 'Bharat Bandh' call by numerous Dalit groups.

Taking to the microblogging website, Shah has written:

"At every juncture and in all possible ways, the BJP stands shoulder to shoulder with the Dalit community. Modi Government’s commitment to fulfilling Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s vision is unwavering. All the efforts of the Government are aimed at transforming the lives of Dalits."

He's spoken about the action the government took following the Supreme Court's March 20 judgment that had introduced the provision of anticipatory bail in the SC/ST Act while directing that there would be no automatic arrest on any complaint filed under the law.

"Right from the day the Honourable Supreme Court gave a judgment on SC/ST Atrocities Act, Central Government acted in an immediate and informed manner. An effective review petition has been filed that will protect rights of Dalits."

"PM Narendra Modi met MPs belonging to the SC communities and assured them that the Government is doing everything to protect the rights and wellbeing of our Dalit sisters and brothers."

He followed that up with a stinging attack on those who 'spread panic about reservations':

"The script is now old…before every election, the same vested interest groups start spreading panic about reservations.
BJP’s stand is clear, which I am once again stating- we fully believe in the Constitution given by Babasaheb and the rights it has given to SC/ST communities."

He posted a video along with it:

Shah added: 

"Through the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Bill, 2015 the NDA Government has actually strengthened the provisions of the Act. This was done in line with our commitment to the welfare of SC & ST communities."

Finally, he took aim at the Congress party, writing:

"Due to the politically driven manifestations of a microscopic minority of dejected and rejected political parties, crores of innocent people suffered. These parties owe our Dalit sisters and brothers an apology for their misdeeds."

"Congress, which is mocking the DNA of PM Modi is the same party which:

Defeated Dr. Ambedkar not once but twice.

Made flimsy excuses to ensure his portrait was not placed in Central Hall.

Denied him a Bharat Ratna. 

India has seen through their negative politics!"

He finally concluded:

"We will continue our efforts to make our Dalit sisters and brothers the makers of New India. We will fulfill their aspirations and dreams. Jai Bhim! Jai Hind!"

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On Monday, as 'protestors' came on to the streets in multiple cities, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted:

"Keeping Dalits at the lowest rung of Indian society is in the DNA of the Modi government. Those who challenge this philosophy face violence.

Our Dalit brothers and sisters are on the streets today asking the Modi government to safeguard their rights. 

We salute them."

Eight persons died in the 'protests'. The Supreme Court has accepted the Centre's review petition in the SC/ST Act and will be hearing it on Tuesday.

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