BJP's Patra Slams Congress Over London Protests, Asks 'Has Pakistan Outsourced Its Work?'

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BJP lambasted Congress for protesting outside the Indian High Commission in London and questioned whether it was doing this at the instance of Pakistan.

Written By Akhil Oka | Mumbai | Updated On:

BJP on Sunday lambasted the Congress party for protesting outside the Indian High Commission in London. Addressing the media, party spokesperson Sambit Patra condemned Congress for lowering the level of politics. Moreover, he questioned whether Pakistan had outsourced its work to the Congress. Earlier, not even 10 people gathered for this anti-government rally organised in the United Kingdom.  

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Patra remarked, “Congress is protesting outside the Indian embassy in London. This is condemnable. What kind of politics is this? My question is- Has Pakistan outsourced its work to Congress party?” 

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'Very irresponsible behaviour'

The BJP spokesperson revealed that his party was conducting a public outreach regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act. Maintaining that the BJP had maintained a responsible posture, he accused the Congress party of fooling the people and attempting to engineer riots in the country. He reiterated Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s assertion that the Bill did not snatch away the rights of any person. 

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Patra opined, “We have compiled a booklet about the Citizenship Amendment Act. Every karyakarta of the BJP is going to the people and giving them the facts. Friends, we have to compare the responsible position of BJP vis-à-vis the irresponsible role of the opposition, particularly the Congress party is today playing in the country. While the BJP has approached its karyakartas with facts, the Congress is fooling the people. We are witnessing how Congress is trying to stoke riots in the country. Who is burning trains after stopping them in West Bengal and other parts of the country? We have identified those who are burning public property and also the ones on whose instruction they are doing so. This is a very irresponsible behaviour. Whether it is Article 370, Ram mandir or Triple Talaq and now, the CAB, the Congress is acting out of frustration trying to foment trouble between Hindus and Muslims. They have realised that they can never face the people in the name of positive work done by them. Amit Shah has made it clear that the CAB does not snatch away anyone’s rights. It confers rights to those people who were living in India after being persecuted in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.” 

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