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BJP's RP Singh Urges Centre To Ban PFI Over Its Meeting With Turkey's Al-Qaeda-linked IHH

BJP's Sardar RP Singh called on the Centre to take serious actions against PFI after a report came to light, drawing its connection with Turkish group IHH

BJP leader Sardar RP Singh on Monday called on the Central government to take serious action against the Popular Front of India (PFI) after a shocking report came to light, drawing its connection with Turkish intelligence-linked group IHH.

European research group Nordic Monitor reported earlier this week that a meeting took place in October 2018 between members of PFI and the IHH, which is backed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Reacting to the report, Sardar RP Singh said, “People already believe the PFI carries out illegal activities and even the Kerala government has brought the radical group under its scanner. They have an international network and their only objective is to create riots and chaos to disrupt the nation’s peace.”

The BJP leader further said that the PFI has been successful in many such attempts but there have also been reports of failure in such activities and the government is taking action against them.

“I hope that the Central government takes the matter seriously and moves toward banning the organisation entirely, as appealed by several states,” he told Republic TV.

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PFI meets with IHH - linked to Al-Qaeda

As per the report, the meeting which took place in October 2018, comprised of PFI members -Prof. P Koya and E. M. Abdul Rahiman and IHH Secretary-General Durmuş Aydın and Vice-President Hüseyin Oruç at IHH headquarters in Istanbul. The report claims that IHH has been accused of smuggling arms to al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria in 2014.

Moreover, the meeting was part of the Turkish government’s outreach to Muslim communities in the Southeast Asia region, claims the report. PFI had been chosen as it had endorsed Erdogan after a 2016 coup attempt and was promoted by Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency as a group whose members 'were abused by Indian police'. The meeting was held to discuss promoting a partnership between the two organisations in various fields.

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