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Can Heart Patients Take COVID-19 Vaccine? Padma Bhushan Awardee Dr Panda Answers FAQs

Dr Ramakant Panda, one of the top surgeons of India answers if heart patients can take the COVID-19 vaccine. Doctor explains the vaccine's efficiency and safety

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As the central and state governments are constantly urging citizens to get vaccinated, there are several questions that are raised. There is also a hesitancy in taking vaccines as speculations against it have taken rounds despite constant awareness and studies that have proven that these vaccines are safe and highly effective. One important question of vaccine safety with heart patients is answered by the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Asian Heart Institute of Mumbai, one of India's top and legendary cardiac surgeons. Dr Panda is also a Padma Bhushan awardee. 

While speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Dr Panda said that you must take the vaccine no matter what heart problem you might have. 

"My advice is you must take the vaccine, no matter what. The vaccines are very very safe and effective, there is no heart condition. Except for a very very rare situation where one should not take but almost every heart patient should take the vaccine," added top cardiac surgeon, Dr. Panda.

He further added that there are no contradictions, whatsoever in taking the vaccine. However, only those who have been through valve surgery and taking blood thinner medicine should not take their medication for few days and get vaccinated. Supporting the other doctors in the panel, Dr Panda added that vaccine is currently the only answer.

No evidence that vaccines are not effective

The top surgeon, Dr Ramakant Panda clarified that at this stage, no matter what mutation, there is no evidence that vaccines are not effective. While talking about getting infected even after taking the vaccine, Dr Panda mentioned that it does not mean vaccines are not enough. Those who got infected even after the vaccine could have been at a severe stage or critical but due to the vaccine's efficiency, it did not happen. 

Dr Panda remarked that no matter what mutation, vaccines are effective. 

"At this stage, there is no evidence that mutants are bypassing vaccine effectiveness also. And also we need to understand that no matter what mutation the less amount of virus enters the body, the less chance you are going to have for severe disease," mentioned Dr Panda.
He further urged people to use COVID appropriate behaviour, use mask, and if these things are followed then we don't have to worry about it. 

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