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'Can Isolation Period Be Less Than 14 Days?': Dr Swati Maheshwari Addresses COVID Doubts

Sharing tips on what COVID-19 patients in home isolation needed to follow, Dr Maheshwari stated that the important thing was to regularly monitor oxygen levels.

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr Swati Maheshwari spoke to Republic Media Network on Monday clarifying common doubts surrounding those who had tested positive for COVID-19 and were undergoing home isolation.

On being asked whether a person's isolation period could be less than the prescribed 14 days, Dr Maheshwari said, "We generally take 14 days as the period for isolation since we have a lot of mild and asymptomatic cases and sometimes reports take close to 14 days to go negative and sometimes even beyond that," she shared.

"The important thing is that once you know that you are positive, there is no need to panic. Not everybody needs oxygen, Remdesivir or needs to go to the hospital. 90% of patients are getting treatment at home. It is easily treatable at home and we can easily manage it so please don't panic," she added.

Sharing tips on what COVID-19 patients handling their illness at home needed to follow, Dr Maheshwari asserted that the important thing for the patient to do was to immediately self-isolate and monitor oxygen levels at regular intervals. 

"You need to isolate yourself from the rest of the family members because this time, the virus is very infectious and spreading to the entire family. Wear your double mask, isolate yourself and don't share the toilet if that is possible, keep your clothes and utensils separate. Also, keep your room well-ventilated," she suggested.

"The thing you can do a 6-minute walk test. Check your oxygen, walk for 6 minutes and check your oxygen again. If it is above 94, don't worry, if it falls below that, there is some concern and you should talk to your doctor. You can take steam, prone breathing and possibly do nebuliser. You can bring your oxygen levels up by yourself through these simple measures. Over 80% of people are able to oxygen therapy at home. You can also use an oxygen concentrator at home," she added. 

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