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Cash-for-favours Scandal: Letter Written To Rahul Gandhi Over Rs 10 Crore-for-slaughterhouse Permissions Charge Against Congress' Nadeem Javed

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

A massive alleged cash-for-favours scandal has rocked the Congress party, specifically, former U.P MLA Nadeem Javed, who is the current chairperson of Minority Development of the AICC (All India Congress Committee) and against whom a Rs 10 crore charge has been levelled. 

Republic TV has accessed a video recorded outside the Islamic Centre in Delhi on Tuesday which shows Javed being confronted by the persons who allegedly paid him Rs 10 crore in 2015 in exchange for his help in obtaining requisite permissions to set up a slaughterhouse in UP. After a short but loud confrontation, during which the attackers repeatedly demanded Rs 10 crore that he had allegedly taken from them, Javed, with the help of his aides, drives away.

Regarding the purported cash-for-favours transaction, Republic TV has also accessed a letter that has been written to Congress president Rahul Gandhi apprising him of the matter. In the letter, the proprietor of Okhla, New Delhi-based Medina Frozen Food Exports is named as the complainant and the events that took place, largely in 2015, are described:

  • The subject reads: "Fraud of Rs 10 crore committed by Mr Nadeem Javed Chairman of Minority Department"
  • The letter says that the complainant is Haji Mohd. Yameen Qureshi, proprietor of Medina Frozen food exports, about whom "It is stated that the complainant is a well-reputed businessman and a loyal citizen towards the Congress party in Bulandshahr, U.P"
  • It goes on to describe that the complainant had once met Nadeem Javed and had explained his proposal to set up a slaughterhouse for slaughtering buffaloes at Khurja at Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr. Following this, Javed, then an MLA, allegedly demanded a sum of Rs 10 crore for obtaining the requisite permissions from the Akhilesh Yadav-led Uttar Pradesh government.
  • The amount of Rs 10 crore was subsequently paid in cash in two tranches, of Rs 3 crore and Rs 7 crore, at two residences of Javed. By December 12, 2015, Javed had received Rs 10 crore.
  • The letter then states: "That pursuant to the promises/demands, Mr Nadeem Javed was required to get the government sanction/approval for his factory/slaughterhouse (during) his tenure as an MLA od Jonpur Sadar Uttar Pradesh. However, the promises made by Nadeem Javed were never fulfilled."

Mohd Shafique, also one of the complainants, spoke to Republic TV and explained the circumstances behind the matter, while Javed also issued a statement reiterating that he had lodged an FIR over the confrontation at the Islamic Centre, and also, that if there was such a cash-for-favours complaint, the appropriate forums should have been approached.

Javed said: "The people who attacked me, I don't know them. They tried to lynch me. It speaks about the security of New Delhi", and added, "I'm in politics for 25 years. There's not one allegation against me. If anyone has an allegation against me, there are forums to complain to."