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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Dehradun-based Businessman's Antique Collection Has 250 Different Cameras

Written By Asia News International | Mumbai | Published:

Local businessman Amar Dhunanda is a proud owner of over 250 cameras, including antique ones. Mr Dhunanda said, "I have over 250 cameras of different companies and models. Some of these are 75-80-years-old. I have no other interest. It is my only hobby."

When asked what made him keep collecting cameras he added, "It is an effort to preserve the legacy so that new generations know about these cameras. How these cameras were used by their ancestors."

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He also has a collection of other antique products, including a black conch shell, among other things.

"I have a very old hand-written Ramayana. I have a table which is about 175-years-old. It was auctioned during the First World War in Burma. It passed generations before the table was gifted to me," said Mr Dhunanda.

The businessman is not all alone in taking care of the wonderful collection of antiques he has. He also receives the support of his family members, who encourage and help him in more ways than one.

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"This is a great way to preserve the heritage, which will surely be liked by the coming generations. I always encourage him in his efforts. I also ensure his each and every collection is well maintained," said Mr Dhunanda's wife.