CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana Moves Delhi High Court Seeking Quashing Of FIR Against Him. LIVE Updates Here-

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CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana on Tuesday moved Delhi High Court seeking quashing of FIR and coercive steps against him. Asthana, through his counsel mentioned the matter before the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court in his chamber.

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Update at 4:37 pm: CBI DSP Sent to 7-day CBI custody

Update at 3:33 pm: The High Court has said that all electronic records of the accused to be preserved including mobile phones, laptops etc. The court has ordered for Status Quo to be maintained till the next date of hearing.

Update at 3:33 pm: Delhi High Court denies to stay the proceedings against Rakesh Asthana and Devendra Kumar

Update at 3:26 pm: Counsel for CBI: Counsel for CBI says charges of extortion and forgery have been added

Update at 3:26 pm: Counsel for CBI: Charges very serious against the accused including that of bribery. Nature of this case is bribery and corruption charges. we will be filing an amended FIR with the additional charges

Update at 3:25 pm: The lawyer in the case says, "this matter is of great urgency", arguing that the person (Sathish Sana) whose arrest was recommended by Asthana has now been made a complainant and based on his complaint this FIR has been filed. Lawyer says no investigation can take place like this

Update at 3:16 pm: Counsel for Rakesh Asthana says the case is about the registration of an illegal FIR and that is barred by Section 17A of Prevention of Corruption Act

Update at 3:12 pm: Hearing begins in Delhi High Court

Update at 3:07 pm: Devendra Kumar and Rakesh asthana’s plea to come up together before the single judge bench of the Delhi High Court

Update at 2:32 pm: CBI accuses Rakesh Asthana of extortion, wants charge added to the FIR

Update at 2:12 pm: The order will be pronounced at 4pm in Devender Kumar case

Update at 2:02 pm: CBI in Patiala House Court: Top secret documents written by Accused No 1 is out. We now know how the media is getting these documents. We have come to know. How can media be in possession of such secret nothings. Documents have been fabricated. Documents shown to Sathish Sana and then told that pay a bribe. After payment, Sana wasn’t called for 3 months. He was called when balance payment was left.

Update at 1:51 pm: The defence in the case tells the Patiala House Court that 'Director CBI’s conduct has been abysmal, every law has been thrown out of the window. It is embarrassing for all of us. The file was called from SIT on September 28. Investigation was taken away. All records were taken over. All documents were taken on September 25.

Update at 1:46 pm: CBI tells the Patiala House Court that a big extortion racket was being run in the garb of investigation inside CBI headquarters.

CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana on Tuesday moved Delhi High Court seeking quashing of FIR and coercive steps against him. Asthana, through his counsel mentioned the matter before the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court in his chamber. The matter is likely to come up along with Devender Kumar's plea post lunch.

This comes after CBI DSP Devendra Kumar approached the Delhi High Court challenging his arrest in connection with bribery allegations involving agency's Special Director Rakesh Asthana. The matter was mentioned before a bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao by senior advocate Dayan Krishnan.

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During the hearing, the CBI sought 10 days police custody and Kumar sought rejection of the CBI application, while asking for bail. The bail plea has been moved before the court. It also said that the role of other senior officers in the CBI and the SIT is also being probed. When the judge sought the details of offences against Devender Kumar, the CBI replied saying, "criminal conspiracy and charges of corruption". The CBI also alleged that Devendra Kumar accepted money on behalf of a senior CBI official

CBI in its plea has said that meat exporter Moin Qureshi used to pay bribes to get favourable results in cases against him. The CBI has obtained many conversations and messages to obtain undue favours from the government officials. The CBI has alleged illegal gratification given to public servants.

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Kumar, who was earlier the investigating officer in a case involving meat exporter Moin Qureshi, was arrested on Monday by the CBI on the allegations of forgery in recording the statement of businessman Sathish Sana, who had alleged to have paid bribes to get relief in the case. The bribery case also involves the investigating agency's Special Director Rakesh Asthana.

Sana, in his complaint to to the CBI, alleged that he had paid over Rs 2 crores in bribe to certain private persons who promised him to get relief in the case.

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