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CBSE Warns Schools Against Edtech Firm Using Its Name To Secure Tenders

CBSE also noted that it will not be held responsible for any monetary losses caused as a result of accepting this forgery or counterfeit letter.

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Harsha Chandwani

CBSE will be initiating a legal action against Wizcorp Edtech. (Image: PTI)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an urgent advisory to all schools and educational institutions in Maharashtra, warning against fraudulent activities conducted by Wizcorp Edtech Pvt Ltd.The company has allegedly been falsely using a false letter issued by CBSE to secure government tenders and contracts from schools in the state.

In a statement issued, CBSE said, "It has been noticed that a company named Wizcorp Edtech Pvt Ltd has been using a letter falsely attributed to CBSE to secure various government tenders and contracts from schools in Maharashtra. CBSE would like to categorically state that it has no connection whatsoever with the letter being circulated by Wizcorp Edtech. The letter in question has never been issued by CBSE and any representative suggesting otherwise is fraudulent and misleading."

The educational body issued the notice after several school administrations approached CBSE, stating they have received a letter from Wizcorp Edtech, approaching them for contracts for schools. The first complaint the national board of education received was on July 20. Soon more complaints started pouring in on the mail, while few schools approached the CBSE secretary too.

The board has said that it will not be responsible for any financial losses or other damages incurred as a result of considering or accepting this fake and counterfeit letter. "CBSE cannot be held responsible for any financial or other losses incurred due to consideration or acceptance of this fake and counterfeit letter," it noted, adding, "The information is being brought to the public notice to safeguard the interest of all stakeholders and prevent any potential loss or false communication." CBSE will be initiating a legal action against Wizcorp Edtech, which is barely over two months old, for misleading and circulating fabricated counterfeit letters.

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