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Centre Has Not Been Contemplating Launch Of 'Budget Air Service': Civil Aviation Ministry

In the Lok Sabha on Thursday, July 22, the Ministry of Civil Aviation stated that the Indian government had no plans to launch a "Budget Air Service."


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The Ministry of Civil Aviation on Thursday, July 22, said in Lok Sabha, that the Indian government has no plans to develop a "Budget Air Service." The Ministry added that it is up to airlines to provide air services to certain locations based on traffic demand and commercial viability, in accordance with the necessary guidelines.

Ministry of Civil Aviation on Budget Air Service

"Govt of India has not been contemplating launch of 'Budget Air Service'. It's up to the airlines to provide air services to specific places depending upon the traffic demand & their commercial viability, in compliance with the relevant guidelines," said the Ministry of Civil Aviation in Lok Sabha.

On being asked whether it is a fact that a substantial number of airlines personnel of Air India have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Civil Aviation informed the Lok Sabha that "a total of 3523 employees of Air India Limited have been affected by COVID-19. Out of this, 56 employees succumbed to this pandemic, till 14th July 2021."

The oppositions asked whether the Government has received any representation from the Air India employees for grant of due compensation and other benefits to the Coronavirus affected employees, in response, Civil Aviation Ministry said, "A number of representations have been received by Air India from employee associations for grant of due compensation and other benefits to the COVID-19 affected employees."

Airlines after COVID

On being asked "whether the Government proposes a comprehensive policy to provide relief to these airlines personnel who have been badly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic", the Ministry of Civil Aviation said Air India has introduced various measures to safeguard the interests of the employees and their families affected due to the COVID-19 including, 

1. Quarantine leave (Paid Leave) of 17 days to employees who are affected by COVID-19.

2. On the death of a Permanent/ Fixed Term Contractual Employee due to COVID-19 their families are paid compensation of Rs 10,00,000/- and Rs. 5,00,000/- respectively. Families of casual/contract workers are paid compensation of Rs. 90,000/2 months' salary

3. Medical facilities including hospitalization are being provided to the affected employees

4. COVID centres have been opened by the company in various locations to take care of COVID-19 affected employees/ families

5. Reimbursement of vaccination charges are being provided to employees and their families if paid by them."

Picture Credit: PTI/Unsplash

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