Chandrayaan 2 | ‘Be Courageous’: PM Narendra Modi To ISRO Scientists

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PM Modi asked the ISRO scientists to be courageous & said that nation is proud of them. He added that there are ups and downs in life and appealed to them hope

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the scientists at the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) Monitoring Centre in Bengaluru after the contact with the Chandrayaan-2 'Vikram' lander was lost minutes before it was about to land on the lunar surface. Speaking to the ISRO scientists, PM Modi asked them to be courageous and said that the country is proud of them. Adding that there are ups and downs in life, PM Modi appealed them to hope for the best. 

"Be courageous. I am always there with you. There are ups and down in life. This is not a small achievement what you did. India is proud of all of you. Your hard work has taught us a lot. The scientists have told us that if the communication is established once again, then it will keep on giving us many things. Hope for the best. You have done a good job. We will keep learning and moving ahead. I am with you wholeheartedly," PM Modi said speaking to the ISRO scientists. 

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Taking to Twitter, PM Modi stated that India is proud of the scientists, adding that they have given their best. He further asserted that the country will remain hopeful and will continue working hard on the space programme.

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Contact lost with Vikram Lander

Briefing the scientists at ISRO centre, chief K Sivan confirmed that the contact with the Chandrayaan-2's lander was lost. He also stated that the descending of the lander Vikram to the lunar surface took place as planned. He later confirmed Communication was lost with the Vikram Lander at 2.1 kms from the Lunar surface. K Sivan added that the 'data is being analysed'.

The Chandrayaan-2 mission was launched on July 22 with the objective to understand the scientific knowledge about the moon through a detailed study of topography, mineralogy, surface chemical composition, thermo-physical characteristics and tenuous lunar atmosphere leading to a better understanding of the origin and evolution of the moon. 

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