Chandrayaan 2 Mission Live Updates: What Twitter Has To Say About It

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Chandrayaan 2 live updates | Read to know what PM Modi, All India Radio and other Indian organisations are tweeting in praise of ISRO's lunar mission

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Chandrayaan 2

Have you checked Twitter recently? #IndiaMakesHistory, #Chandrayaan2 and #ISRO have shot up to the top 5 trending positions within the last few hours. Chandrayaan 2, ISRO’s most ambitious lunar mission to date, is moments away from creating history. Chandrayaan 1, ISRO’s first lunar mission found traces of water molecules on the moon; ISRO’s second lunar mission, Chandrayaan 2, has now set out to conduct a deeper study of the Moon’s surface. Upon its successful landing, India will emerge as the first country ever to have a soft landing on the Moon’s south pole region. The entire world is eager to know what Chandrayaan 2 discovers.

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At this moment, Twitter is flooded with tweets praising Chandrayaan 2 and ISRO’s efforts. All major media outlets, as well as government organisations are taking to the microblogging site to praise India’s achievement. Earlier on Friday, ISRO tweeted about Vikram, Chandrayaan 2's lander, and a buzz of tweets followed.

Indian PM Narendra Modi congratulates all the Indian Space Scientists in a series of tweets

Akashwani, the government organisation better known as All India Radio, also posted tweets in praise of Chandrayaan 2 and ISRO’s efforts

Online news portals are also following the launch and contributing to the buzz around Chandrayaan 2's landing

If you are wondering when Chandrayaan 2 will land on the moon’s surface, the scheduled landing time is between 4 – 5 pm New York Standard Time i.e 1 – 2 am Indian Standard Time.

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