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Chandrayaan-2: UP Min Mohsin Raza Gets Emotional Recounting Events

Written By Misha Bhatt | Mumbai | Published:


  • UP Minister Mohsin Raza broke down while speaking about the events relating to Chandrayaan-2
  • ISRO's Moon mission had lost contact with the Vikram lander 2.1 km above the lunar surface
  • President Ram Nath Kovind led the praise for ISRO

UP minister and BJP leader Mohsin Raza broke down on Saturday while speaking about the Chandrayaan-2 mission, following ISRO losing contact with the Vikram lander just 2.1 km over the lunar surface while attempting what would have been a historic landing.

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Talking to ANI, Mohsin Raza said, "It was an ecstatic moment for all of us. When the base station lost connection with the Chandrayaan-2, we were on the edge of our seats. All of us were a little disappointed when the Chandrayaan-2 lost contact. Our scientists had worked day in and day out to make this mission a success. Our hope is still intact and I'm sure in future we will surely succeed. Our scientists will try again and we will surely succeed." 

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UP Minister, Mohsin Raza gets emotional over Chandrayaan-2

In the video, Raza gets emotional at the point where he begins to speak about loss of communications with the Vikram lander: 

President Ram Nath Kovind leads the praise for ISRO

Taking to Twitter in the early hours of Saturday shortly after ISRO announced that it had lost contact with the Vikram lander, President Ram Nath Kovind showed his solidarity and support to the scientists at ISRO. The President congratulated the team at ISRO for the Chandrayaan mission and said they had shown exemplary commitment and courage. He also said that the country was proud of ISRO and that everybody is hoping for the best. 

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The nation was informed by the ISRO Chief that the descent of the Vikram Lander of the Chandrayaan-2 was going as per the plan till it dropped to an altitide 2.1 km above the lunar surface. The lander subsequently lost communication and the data is being analyzed. After landing, Vikram Lander was to deploy its rover, Pragyan, whose mission was to scout through the south-pole region of the lunar surface.

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As per ISRO officials, the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter is healthy, safe and functioning normally in the Lunar orbit. The orbiter payloads will conduct remote-sensing observations from a 100km orbit. 

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