Chandrayaan-2's Lunar Possibilities: Here's What ISRO Could Find

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Chandrayaan 2's Vikram lander is set to make a landing on the Moon early on Saturday morning and Dr. Bikash Sinha has put this impending achievementinto context

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Chandrayaan 2's Vikram lander is set to start the final leg of its mission, which is to make a landing on the Moon early on Saturday morning. In the build-up to the launch on Saturday morning, Dr. Bikash Sinha, who is an Indian Physicist and Padma Shri recipient spoke to Republic TV about the importance of the mission. He termed the day as 'historic' for India and mankind since the south polar region of the moon has not explored before.

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Findings of the mission

When asked about the importance of the mission and the ideas behind the mission, Dr. Sinha said that the outreach to the Moon is a big project and a part of scientific exploration of what Moon has for India and indeed the whole world. He stated that there were multiple possibilities in terms of findings.

  • An investigation into the presence of water on the Moon.
  • An investigation on the presence of helium as it is suspected that the there is an abundance of the material on the lunar surface.
  • An investigation into the other possible kind of elements present on the Moon or underneath the surface of the Moon.

Most importantly however is that the Moon's gravity is much weaker than that of the Earth, so maneuvering with such a low level of gravity will be of extreme challenge.

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Possibilities and probabilities

Sinha later went on to state that findings of helium is vital as the H3 gas is a component in many secret weapons and also superconducting technology. He spoke about the difficulty of the soft-landing on the surface of the Moon, which has a very strong gravitational pull and thus it will be difficult to maneuver the lander. He said, "When the lander lands tomorrow morning, it will be of terrific challenge for the scientists from across Bengaluru, Trivandrum, to control the landing properly so that it doesn't land in a heavy way so that all the equipment land properly". He went to assert the importance of being vigilant during the remote-controlled operation because if there is an issue, it could break the entire landing system.

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He also highlighted the achievement of India's mission and what it means for the nation and its people. He pointed out to the naysayers that by saying that "nothing is impossible by India in India". He concluded by emphasizing how the mission would, with little help from everyone, bolster the confidence of India's youth.

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