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'Change, We Shall': Mysterious Monolith In Ahmedabad Disappears, Replaced By Metal Sphere

The mysterious monolith spotted last week in a park in India's Gujarat province has disappeared leaving only a sphere ball with a note thanking all visitors.

Mysterious Monolith

The ‘mysterious’ steel monolith spotted last week in a park in India's Gujarat province has disappeared. While the suspicious monoliths appearing and then vanishing have caused a stir across the globe, the pyramidical tower seen in Ahmedabad has now been replaced by a metal sphere. The Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej had become the centre of attraction after monolith was spotted with several people flocking the park to click its images. However, as per reports, it went missing on January 12.  Further, the small spherical ball in its replacement of the pillar came with a note.

"… and so too has impermanence given us an opportunity for change. Change, we shall,” it said.

However, the note then reportedly explains everyone that from 8-year-olds to 80-year-ods have shown “boundless enthusiasm” over the monolith before adding that the people have “shown has given me more than I could have asked for.” The note then expresses gratitude for the curious attention the pillar received by the people and urged people to rather appreciate the beauty of nature around. Many tourists, who had arrived to see the monolith, returned disappointed after seeing the ball.

The steel monolith installed by Symphony Ltd. was the first one to appear in India, after being spotted in several parts of the world earlier last month. Symphony Forest Park had even shared several images of the steel monolith on its official Facebook page with a caption that read, "In tune with nature!". The nearly 10 feet long work of art was installed by Symphony Ltd. on December 29, but it started garnering a lot of attention with locals gathering to see the monolith. 

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The first monolith spotted in Utah, United States

The first of such a mysterious structure in the world had appeared in a remote region of Utah, United States. It was a 10-12 feet long object of steel appeared to be firmly deep planted in the ground and was first discovered by a helicopter pilot when he along with a team of wildlife resource officers were out counting the bighorn ship in the state. The mysterious triangular object disappeared after a few days and has since emerged in several other places, including the Romanian mountainside and Compton beach of the Isle of Wight. An art group later claimed credit for the monolith in Utah, sharing the specifications about the artwork on their Instagram handle.

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