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Chaos Erupts At Mumbai Airport As Around 300 VietJet Passengers Remain Stranded For 12 Hrs

Chaotic scene was witnessed at Mumbai airport after several hundred VietJet passengers flying to Ho Chi Minh City were left stranded on Thursday night,

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Passengers travelling with VietJet Air to Vietnam were stranded at Mumbai airport for nearly 12 hours, irked by the flight delay. (Image: republic)

A chaotic scene was witnessed at the Mumbai airport after several hundred VietJet passengers en route to Ho Chi Minh City were left stranded at around midnight on Thursday (May 25) for more than 10 hours. Passengers complained that they were not provided with any hotel accommodations or food despite the long delay. According to the PTI report, the delay occurred due to a glitch in the aircraft, according to a passenger.

Footage from the airport showed angry passengers raising slogans against the airline, and some were even seen engaging in heated arguments with airport authorities. As many as 300 passengers of VietJet were stranded at the Mumbai airport for around 10 hours.

According to the DGCA rules, if a flight is delayed beyond a stipulated time, passengers are to be provided with accommodation and food by the airline concerned. As neither was provided, the situation got tense leading to chaos inside the airport.

Mumbai-Vietnam passengers stranded at Mumbai airport

''The flight VJ-884 (operating on the Mumbai-Ho Chi Minh City route) was to depart at 11.30 pm on Thursday. We boarded the flight at 11 pm. However, when it did not take off for an hour, we asked for the reason. We were told there is some glitch in the aircraft and it will take some time for departure,'' said the passenger who was to travel to Bali via Vietnam on the flight.


One of the passengers took to the micro-blogging site to describe the 'nightmare' they had to go through.

''Between 11.30 pm and 5 am, till the time they brought us back to the immigration area, no food or water was provided to the stranded passengers,'' he said, adding that there is still no clarity about an alternative flight to Ho Chi Minh City.

(Image Credit: Republic)

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