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Chennai-based Firm Launches Drones For Sanitisation, Food Deliveries & Announcements

Chennai-based drone manufacturer startup, Garuda Aerospace has created three new Drones in a bid to aid in battle against second wave of COVID


Chennai-based Drone manufacturer startup, Garuda Aerospace has now created three new Drones to ease COVID-19 relief work as the second wave of the pandemic creates havoc. These drones will be used for the distribution of food & medical supplies, sanitization work for all those people who are currently under home isolation in the different part of the states. The three drones are Sanitization Drones, Delivery Drones and Public Announcement Drones.

The whole idea behind creating these three drones are to ease the work of the frontline workers and reduce the risk of getting infected .

Ram Kumar, Vice president of Garuda Aerospace in an exclusive interview with with Republic Media Network provided details about the functioning of the drones. He also said that there are around 300 drones of the company working across the country.

"So far we have close to 300 drones from our end. There are 25 places across India where our team is currently working with the drones", said Ram Kumar.

Sanitization Drone

"This drone has a tank attached to its bottom and runs on a battery. We have Sodium hypochlorite or whichever liquid is being provided by the government and is sprayed all over.  We put the liquid into the tank and it's operated by trained and highly skilled pilots. The drones are operated in the Red zone area, isolated wards and all the places where the government asks us to do. We have been doing in all the cities of India for the last one and a half year," said Kumar

Delivery Drone

''This drone has a triangular shape box attached to its bottom and can carry up to 20 kgs of material. Operating this drone at times becomes difficult as the COVID patients might stay on the 1st or 2nd floors and they need the delivery at their doorstep cause they cannot come out of their homes. So there we hover the material to them so it can easily reach them,'' Ram Kumar stated.

Public Announcement Drones

'In this drone, the speakers are attached at the bottom from which we can make all kinds of announcements. It is connected with an AUX cable. It is smaller in size if compared to the other two drones and it's easily operated in steep places, streets and rural areas as well,'' Vice president of Garuda Aerospace stated. 

COVID cases in Tamil Nadu

As per the Ministry of Health & Welfare, Tamil Nadu on Friday reported 11,037 new COVID cases with 19,287 recoveries and 297 deaths. The total active cases of the state remain at 1,83,772 with 12,98,945 total recoveries and 16,768 deaths. 

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