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Child Health FAQs During COVID-19 Pandemic: Top Pediatricians Answer Queries; WATCH

Speaking to Republic TV, Dr. Promila Bhutani & Dr. Sanjay Prasad answered viewers' questions on child health-related issues amid the Coronavirus outbreak

Amid the 21-day nationwide lockdown initiated to counter the coronavirus pandemic, and with confirmed cases in the country rising, in a special broadcast on Republic Media Network, eminent Pediatrician Dr. Promila Bhutani from Delhi and Dr. Sanjay Prasad from Patna answered questions asked by viewers on child health-related issues and precautions.

Here is the list of questions asked by the viewers, for which answers can be found in the video above:

1. Are children easily prone to getting infected by the coronavirus as suggested by some research and reports? What is the first go-to advice for parents in this situation?

2. What are the precautions and extra care to be taken for an 11-year-old mild autistic child during the lockdown?

3. What can one do to boost children's immunity? Any specific diet to be followed? 

4. If a person is suffering from typhoid can it turn to COVID-19? What precautionary measures must be taken during this situation at home?  

5. How do parents deal with the change in kids' routines caused because of the shutting down of schools due to COVID-19 lockdown?

6. How to differentiate between symptoms of normal flu and COVID-19? 

7. Can vaccination be postponed for an 18-month-old baby till the coronavirus situation comes to an end? 

8. How can one ensure that a kid is getting the proper nutrition for a healthy immune system? 

9. Can the BCG vaccine prevent kids from getting COVID-19?

10. How long can one delay the vaccination for a four-month-old baby?

11. When is the possible time a parent must consult a doctor at a hospital regarding their child's health? 

12. How must one consume vegetables brought from outside during this time of coronavirus outbreak?

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