'Children Are Agents Of Change': Dia Mirza's Message On Children's Day

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On the occasion of Children’s Day, actor-turned-environmentalist Dia Mirza called children ‘agents of change’ as the air pollution has become a huge concern.

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On the occasion of Children’s Day, actor-environmentalist Dia Mirza called children ‘agents of change’ as the air pollution in India, especially in Delhi-NCR, has become a huge concern. Mirza said we can’t remain ignorant and unaccepting of the reality that we are confronted with, calling it a “problem of the country” and not only of the privileged. 

“The younger group acknowledge that they are anxious and it doesn’t trouble them inside, while some of us who are older feel the anxiousness but it stresses us,” said Mirza and added that the stress impacts our productivity.

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Entertainment industry contributing to climate action

Talking to Republic World, the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India said that every one of us has a role to play in climate action. She said that she has led campaigns with the United Nations and other governmental and non-governmental organizations but she is also witnessing that many of her colleagues, songwriters, musicians, singers, and actors have come together as a collective voice through art and communication.

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'Acknowledge the problem wholeheartedly'

She wanted citizens to acknowledge the problem wholeheartedly in order to find solutions. Mirza said there is a need to implement air monitoring systems across the country and get the research going so that we have our own data. She also thinks that everything has to happen gradually but effectively, and that is only possible when there is coordination between governments and the public. 

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Convenience - the biggest lie

Dia Mirza believes that actions to create change will be inconvenient and are not going to be easy.

“Convenience is the biggest lie human beings told themselves because if you actually think about it, most of the things that we consider convenient, are actually harming our health and the planet,” said Mirza.

According to her, everyone has to consciously and actively acknowledge that air pollution is a national health crisis.

“It is something that is contributing to the loss of life, health and that leads to economic downfall and other kinds of problems that we don’t need,” she added.

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