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Cloudburst In Dharamshala: Tourists Stuck In Bhaksunag Hotels, Rescue Operations Underway

Cloudburst in the Bhaksunag region lead to heavy floods, several tourists are stuck in the hotels. Police, local administrations and SGRF team rush to rescue

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As the monsoon is geared to commence, a cloudburst incident has shattered the lives of Bhagsunag residents of Himachal Pradesh on Monday, July 12. The cloudburst has led to rising in the Bhaksunag waterfall, resulting in an intense flood. The Police, as well as local administration and SGRF teams, are deployed to the service. Tourists rescue operations are underway. 

Dharamshala floods

Bhaksunag is one of the best tourists attraction in Himachal Pradesh. Next to the waterfalls, there are several hotels accommodated with many tourists who had come to enjoy the cold environment. Due to the cloudburst, tourists are stuck in the hotel. 

The national highway near Jhakri in the Rampur area of Shimla district was blocked following the cloudburst. 

Water has stormed the hotels after filling the roads. Several cars are washed across the streets. 

So far, the situation is tense for the tourists and the rescue operation team. 

Orange alert in Bhaksunag

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert in the Bhaksunag area. In the entire Himachal Pradesh heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in the following days. 

The MeT department has warned heavy to very heavy rains in plains and mid-hills on July 12 and 13 July and a yellow weather warning for July 14 and 15.

So far the tourists are advised to stay in the hotel till the rescue team reaches them. And if possible, the residents are asked to move to the plains region near Dharamshala. 

Administrations and deputy commissioners are being directed to prepare to combat the floods as the state will witness the monsoon soon. 

Cloudburst in Jammu and Kashmir

On Monday, July 123, a flood is triggered in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir due to rainfall and mild cloudburst. 

Sonam Lotus, Meteorological Department Director, said, “As expected, there were very heavy showers at many places in the plains of Jammu, whereas moderate rainfall was reported in many places in Kashmir, and continuous rain in hilly areas of Jammu". 

Lotus added, “Present showers may generate flash floods and landslides in hilly areas, which may lead to blockage of roads".

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