Coated With Gold, This Sweet Shop In Surat Is Selling Sweets Worth Rs 9,000!

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A sweet shop in Surat, Gujarat is selling sweets that cost Rs 9,000 a kg.

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated On:

The internet is filled with weird, out-of-the-box, and bizarre things. In a bizarre incident, a sweet shop in Surat, Gujarat is selling sweets that cost Rs 9,000 a kg. Wondering what is so special? Well, the box of sweets come with a covering of 24 karats pure gold. As the news of a box of sweets costing Rs 9,000 spread like wildfire, the residents of the city have renamed the shop to '24 Karats Mithai Magic'. Reportedly, a customer, Divya Shah was awe-struck after she saw the sweets, and when she learned that it was good for health. Hoping that Surat will benefit from the sweets, she bought her very own for her and her family. The sweets are being bought in bulk, as Raksha Bandhan celebrations are right around the corner. When asked the owner about the idea of the gold leaf, along with sweets, Prince Mithaiwala, the owner of the shop stated that he just thought about the health benefits of gold and came up with it. Further, he stated that instead of using the silver plate, he decided to use gold and people are buying it in huge numbers because of the celebrations that lie ahead. The shop is Surat has named them 'gold sweets' and are a center of attraction to all the people who are visiting the shop. 

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Generally, these sweets are covered in silver plating, which costs around Rs 300 To Rs 350. These sweets are said to be made only for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and are not to continue on a regular basis after the celebration ends. Reports suggest that all the sisters are buying these sweets for their brothers, in order to give them a very sweet surprise. Although, many customers state that another reason for them to buy it is because of the health benefits. Earlier, there was news that a tea seller in Maharashtra earns around Rs 12 Lakh just selling tea and also has plans of turning it into an international brand very soon. 

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