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Congress Distances Itself From Its Leader Who Promised Rewards, Jobs And Freedom To Terrorists And Death By Hanging For BJP Leaders; Says He 'spoke Out Of Mandate'

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Congress party has distanced itself from senior leader Haji Sagheer Saeed Khan after he promised rewards, jobs and freedom to terrorists
  • J&K Congress's General Secretary Vikram Malhotra said that Sagheer Saeed Khan spoke out of mandate
  • The party has further urged the senior leadership to take strict actions against the Observer

Hours after Jammu and Kashmir senior Congress leader Haji Sagheer Saeed Khan triggered controversy after he seemingly backed terrorists by announcing rewards and promising jobs to 'innocent people' (referring to terrorists), party's General Secretary Vikram Malhotra has released a statement condemning Sagheer Saeed Khan's remarks and urged the central leadership to take strict actions against him.

Speaking to the reporter in the matter, Vikram Malhotra asserted that party Observer Saeed Khan spoke 'out of his mandate' and proclaimed that a strict action will be taken against him by the higher leadership.

"I think he spoke more than he was supposed to. He was sent here to work for the minority people here. And if he said anything like that, then the Congress party disown that statement. We will take his statement to the authorities and his department's head Nadeem ji will also be informed. Congress unit demands strong actions against him if he has said those things out of tongue. Nor he had the mandate to say any such things neither Congress follows such policies," he said. 

Adding that the Congress party is preparing for elections in the state, the General-Secretary further said,

"​​​​​​We are preparing for the elections, working on a manifesto and party will do whatever is needed. But the Congress party condemns his statements. We have informed about the matter to the high command - general secretary in-charge. We demand strong actions because he was not authorized to make that statement."

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Earlier on Wednesday, while speaking to reporters at a press briefing in Kashmir, Observer of Minority Department of AICC Haji Sagheer Saeed Khan attacked the BJP and declared a compensation worth Rs 1 Crore to the 'innocent' terror suspects who have become the targets of 'BJP's atrocities', adding that jailed terror suspects will also be freed. 

Later he also made a threat, announcing that BJP leaders who are behind the killings of innocent people in the state will be hanged to death.

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