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"Congress Has Played Games To Destroy The Judiciary System," PM Modi Stated In His Address In Prayagraj

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Modi said that in recent times, the game of building pressure on the judiciary has started
  • He accused Congress of destroying the judiciary system

In an address in Prayagraj, Prime Minister Modi drew an attack on Congress for disrespecting the Judiciary system of the country and that of keeping itself above all institutions, even the Supreme Court. 

PM Modi said, “Prayagraj is that place which can be called the temple of Justice. In recent times, the game of building pressure on the judiciary has started. In such a situation, it's essential to alert the nation and young generation.”

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"Their actions, their conspiracies are proving it again and again that they (Congress) consider themselves above country, democracy, judiciary, and the public. Two days ago, we saw another example of it (Rafale). Stay alert and safe from such people and parties. To destroy the prestige of judiciary, this party doesn't just use force, but also by treachery. To succeed in their conspiracy, they resort to treachery and vile tactics.” he added, citing the Rafale verdict. 

He accused Congress party of abolishing the prestige institutions of the country who fail to go by the party and manipulated the judiciary

“One party has destroyed the institutions who would not listen to them. But the nation has been witness to how a political outfit tried to manipulate the judiciary using bribe, greed, position and power. This political outfit has tried to stall, mislead and threaten the judiciary. This is their habit. ” he said. 

PM Modi questioned, that why does the party not like the Judiciary of the country and that the party has conspired ways to annihilate the institution. 

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He said, “They not only use pressure but also have played games to destroy the judiciary. Instead of making the most senior judge the CJI they made the judge who was third in seniority the CJI. They have no respect for the law. One of their leaders had said that they would make the person CJI who agrees with them. They used every option at their disposal to pressurize the judiciary. They tried to bring an impeachment motion against the CJI. After destroying the democracy they are talking about it.”