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'Congress Is Showing Its Hindu Phobia': Mohandas Pai Condemns Manish Tewari For Backing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Mohandas Pai has condemned Manish Tewari's statement and called out the Congress party for being 'anti-Hindu' and 'Hinduphobic'
  • Congress leader Manish Tewari absolved Jack Dorsey and contextualised the content of the placard on Wednesday

Amid the controversy raging against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his photograph featuring him holding a poster saying 'Smash Brahminical Patriarchy' Congress leader and former Union Minister Manish Tewari on Wednesday absolved Jack Dorsey and contextualised the content of the placard. Moments after Manish Tewari's tweet, Chairman of Manipal Global Education Mohandas Pai condemned his statement and called out the Congress party for being 'anti-Hindu' and 'Hinduphobic'.

"The Congress is showing its Hindu phobia very clearly. They have become anti-Hindu, they are being taught by the Leftists and fundamentalist forces. You can see their legative attitude for the Hindus of this country. Manish Tewari is mouthing their official take. Now it is out in the open. The truth is out. They are Hindu phobic, they are anti-Brahmin, they are an anti-Indian community, they stand for western interest," said Mohandas Pai speaking in the matter.

Calling Congress leader Manish Tewari's statement outrageous, Pai targeted the party for supporting a foreign man who came to India and abused the culture.

"You can see their leader(Rahul Gandhi) going to Manipur and making some statements which are totally illogical, talking about a Manipuri religion which does not exist. They are pro-evangelists, pro-conversion and starting now, they are all out in the open. What Manish Tewari has said is outrageous. He said that Brahmins are the new-Jews, that's the reality. What reality? Does this support abuse of the Indian community. Does this support hatred by the placard? Does this support a foreign CEO coming to our country and abusing our community, spreading hatred, holding a poster? Does this support foreigners coming here and abusing us?" he added.

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Demanding an apology from Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey for the controversial poster, Mohandas Pai compared the thinking of Congress's spokesperson's ideology to that of Adolf Hitler:

"He is our Law-maker, he's a former MP and he should be ashamed of himself. And in the best, he will accused of being anti-semitic for saying that Jews are the new Brahmins of India. Anti-semitism is illegal in the west, in many countries. He has shown his negative attitude. It is condemnable and all Indians should stand-up and condemn this man, who has got a very Hitler-like thought. I think he has a mentality of Hitler who sent six million Jews to gas chambers. His attitude is very clear. No community should be abused in this country. What India need is for Jack and Twitter to make an apology for his actions. and even Manish Tewari too should apologize. If Congress supports such hatred then we should take actions against that,"  Pai asserted. 

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In his tweet, Manish Tewari made a reference to the reservation movement of the nineties, and to the World War 2 holocaust.

The Congress politicising the matter at a time when five states are going to polls comes two days after the Twitter CEO being photographed holding the poster triggered outrage online for demonising a specific community.

Jack Dorsey, who is on his first visit to India, had also met Congress president Rahul Gandhi -- his first high profile meeting in the country -- before also meeting PM Modi, Shah Rukh Khan and AR Rahman.

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