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CONTROVERSIAL: BJP Releases Video Of Kamal Nath, Claims MP Congress Leader Is Threatening Hindus

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • The BJP has posted a video in which it claims Congress leader Kamal Nath is making a threat against Hindus
  • Secretly shot video puts Congress in a spot

In yet another escalation of the war over the Congress campaign against the RSS, the BJP has posted a video on social media, in which Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath can be heard making remarks that the BJP has claimed entail threats against Hindus.

"When I talk about Chhindwara, people themselves come and tell me that Nagpur has connections with the RSS. For them, it is very easy there - Come in the morning and leave in the night. They have only one slogan. If you are voting for a Hindu, then vote for Hindu tiger Modi. And if you want to vote for the Muslims, then vote for the Congress. There are only two lines and nothing else is taught. This is their strategy. You all have to be aware of it as they will try and make you understand multiple times. We will look into this matter, we will look into this matter. But you will have bear everything till the day of voting, then we will take dispense with them (nipat lenge)," Kamal Nath said in the viral video.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra took to Twitter to share the video, in which he commented: "Kamal Nath ji promises the Muslim clerics that the Congress will surely deal with the Hindus after the election..for now the Muslims should stand with the Congress!"

During the BJP press briefing on Wednesday in New Delhi, Dr Sambit Patra hit back at the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi as he claimed that the opposition party is spreading hate against the BJP and RSS 'within closed doors':

"People are sharing this video on the social media all over the Madhya Pradesh. We are putting some questions in front of the Congress party. Kamal Nath is a veteran leader of the Congress party and whatever he is saying are the lines of the Congress party because he is the Madhya Pradesh Congress president. Their hate ideology for the RSS and Hindu is very evident now with the medium of this video. What is the character of Congress within the closed doors when they bring together our respected Muslim brothers, clerics, Muslim Intelligence and what kind of slogans they put out - Yes, we are a Muslim party," exclaimed Sambit Patra during the media briefing. 

Questioning the Congress party on their intentions against the Hindus and RSS, Dr Sambit Patra called out the Opposition party for their Divide and Rule politics:

"This leaked video is of Congress party talking with Muslim clerics in which they are telling them that they have to suffer everything till the day of the voting and then we will get rid of them.  All fake Hindu politics that Rahul Gandhi is involved himself into will be done only till voting day. Kamal ji talked about getting rid of Sangh and Hindus and it is disgraceful," stated the BJP leader.

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Earlier on November 13, Congress party's Madhya Pradesh vice president, Sundar Tiwari called RSS the 'symbol of terror', backing his party's decision to pursue a ban of RSS shakas in any government office or installation if it comes into power in the state. Accusing the Hindu organization of being the flag-bearer of disseminating hatred, the Congress leader gave it the tag of a "terror organisation"

He said, "RSS is such an organisation that has killed Gandhi in this country. This is such an organisation that along with rule, induces contempt. They are responsible to spread social scorn and hatred on the basis of religion."

The Congress on November 11, released the party's manifesto ahead of the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh in the presence of the senior leaders Digvijaya Singh, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath. The party promised in its manifesto that RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) shakhas will not be allowed in any government buildings and premises, if the party comes into power.

“If Congress is voted to power in Madhya Pradesh, RSS shakhas would not be allowed in government. An earlier order that allowed the government official to attend the RSS event will also be removed,” - This is mentioned on the page 80, in point number 40 of Congress’ election manifesto titled as "Vachan Patra" (document of promises).

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