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Coverup? 'No Photos Or Medical Records Of 19-year-old Brat Who Crashed Mercedes Into CRPF Vehicle,' Reveals Sensational Investigation

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In a mega expose on the carelessness of the Delhi Police in the case of 19-year-old brat who rammed the car of CRPF officers on Thursday, Republic TV carried out investigation on the coverup of the police in the probe of the incident. With two sting operations and account of eye-witnesses, the negligence of the Delhi cops in the investigation of the case is out in the open. 

Details of the three-part investigation here:


Stung Investigative Officer Anil Kumar Rathore denied having any picture of the brat Sanidhya Garg who killed one CRPF jawan and injured two other officers after he rammed his Mercedes in their hatchback on Thursday night. Saying that the accused has a lawyer and is from a big family, the cops refused to present any picture of the brat. 

"The accused already has a lawyer. I don't have any picture of the accused."

He said that since the family of the accused is a very influential family, own a permanent house and have all the required documents verified, he did not have the picture of the brat who rammed the vehicles of the CRPF jawans. On being questioned over a CCTV camera installed in the area where the incident took place, the investigative officer clearly denied saying that the camera does not function.

"It doesn't function. It functioned for a while when it was installed but it doesn't work anymore," Anil Kumar Rathore said.

Later, on being questioned over the whereabouts of the 19-year-old brat, the officer said he must be at his home, adding that they don't have a picture of the accused and it won't be available from anywhere.

Significantly, Republic TV on Monday had accessed the CCTV footage from the accident spot minutes from the collision took place. As per the CCTV footage, the teenager jumped the signal with his speeding car after which he rammed his Mercedes into the CRPF Vehicle.

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Eye-witness revealed that the brat's Mercedes crashed into the divider, the car bonnet was stuck to the pole, after which the traffic signal's pole fell down. Following this the vehicle of the jawans also turned turtle, said the eye-witness.

"The vehicle of the CRPF personnel completely turned turtle and the people in it were unable to come out. At least 20-25 people had gathered around the car, the police had reached the spot. Everyone helped lift the car, after that the people were taken out. The police took the injured to the hospital to get them admitted," he said. 

As per the Eye-witness' account, the brat came out of his damaged car after the incident, dialled his friend and took things out of his car and went with him.

"The boy got out and made a phone call to his friend. His friend came in an expensive car, it was a jaguar, I think. I am not sure of the name. It was some new car. It had a Chandigarh registration. It took the boy's friend to get there in 10-15 minutes. He sat in the other car. They must have waited there for 2-3 minutes and then they left." 

Adding that he left with his friend, the eye-witness further revealed that Police did not take the brat to the station or for the medical tests, as they had claimed. 


After approaching the AIIMS, Delhi where the police claimed that they conducted the medical tests of 19-year-old Sanidhya Garg in the investigation for the accident, the hospital staff claimed that there were no records in his name.

Meanwhile, as per sources, Sanidhya Garg is attempting to flee to London amid the investigation on him killing one CRPF officer and injuring two others. The brat is said to be pursuing an undergraduate course in Commerce from London and was in Delhi on his vacation when the incident took place. As per police, he was immediately arrested under a bailable warrant. 

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