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With No Precautionary Measures In Place, COVID-19 Crisis In Rohini Jail Looms Large 

Speaking to the Republic TV DG prison, Sandeep Gupta said that the allegations put forth by the jail mates on the condition of the toilets was false

Republic TV on Sunday accessed videos of Rohini Jail in the national capital where prisoners can be seen creating chaos inside the jail premises.They can be seen assembled in large numbers creating panic among jail authorities amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Meanwhile, the prisoners alleged that there were no proper provisions that were undertaken by the hail authorities to contain the spread of the virus. 

They also alleged that the toilets were filthy and that jail authorities were not taking adequate precautions. The incident has also exposed security breach as the video was shot by a prisoner with the help of a cell phone.

Speaking to the Republic TV DG prison, Sandeep Gupta said that he was aware of the incident and the cellphone  has been recovered. However, he said that the allegations put forth by the jail mates on the condition of the toilets was false.

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DG prison said that some trouble makers among the inmates in Jail no.10 tried to create some problem on Sunday afternoon but everything was brought under control.

"A phone has been recovered from one of the inmates after the incident which was also used to take the video. The condition of toilets is not so bad as projected in the video. Although there are stains etc. the toilets, being old ones but it seems that bottles and plastic, etc has been deliberately stuffed to show these as choked. In actual, utmost care is being taken to keep up the hygiene within the jails including the barracks, the kitchen, and toilet area," said Mr. Goel. 

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'Inmates being briefed on hygiene and are cooperating'

He further said that all the inmates are repeatedly being briefed on the Do's and Don'ts and how to maintain cleanliness and hygiene around them to keep safe and healthy. Most of the inmates are cooperating. 

"Some unscrupulous elements sometimes try to create trouble and put the jail Administration in wrong light for their own vested interests. Such persons are being identified and we are looking into the whole matter," said Mr. Goel. 

A source said that an inquiry was initiated into the incident as it was related to coronavirus and major security breach. It is notable that in jail every prisoner is being examined whosoever is being taken outside the jail. All the new prisoners are also being examined before being put into their respective jails

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