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COVID-19: Maharashtra Dy CM Ajit Pawar Expresses Concern Over People Disobeying Protocol

Ajit Pawar, citing a recently conducted survey, said that nearly 0.19% of people who received the first COVID vaccine dose were infected with the coronavirus


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Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Friday expressed concerns over people disobeying COVID-19 protocol and preventive measures. He said, citing a state government survey, that people who are completely vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease are not obeying rules and are endangering themselves to the coronavirus infection. 

On Friday, following the weekly COVID review conference in Pune, Pawar informed that a recently conducted survey has discovered that nearly 0.19% of people who have received the first COVID-19 vaccine dose were infected with the coronavirus, and approximately 0.25% of the population were infected even after receiving both COVID-19 vaccine doses. 

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said that according to experts, people who have received both COVID vaccination doses are not following coronavirus protocol and are thereby subjecting themselves to the disease. Experts have warned that even when limitations are being eased in the state, people must exercise caution and adhere to protocol. 

Meanwhile, on September 24, Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar said that all COVID protocols should be followed rigorously after religious establishments reopen in Maharashtra from October 7. She was quoted by ANI as saying that people must now exercise COVID protocols with greater caution after the reopening of religious places.  

Pednekar had informed that appropriate sanitation will be supplied and social distance would be maintained within all religious establishments. Talking about the reopening of Mumbai schools for classes 8 to 12, Pednekar said that the state government intends to offer vaccines to all kids under 18 years of age. 

COVID-19 in Maharashtra

According to a health department official, Maharashtra recorded 3,063 new COVID-19 infections on September 30, Thursday and 56 new fatalities, bringing the total number of infections to 65,50,856 and the related deaths to 1,39,067. The total number of recoveries rose to 63,71,728 after 3,198 people were freed from hospitals. There were 36,484 active instances in Maharashtra. The official further revealed that the state has 2,45,427 persons under home quarantine and 1,423 in institutional confinement. 

According to the official, the COVID-19 recovery rate in Maharashtra was nearly 97.27%, while the mortality rate was 2.12%. The total number of tests done in the state has risen to 5,87,39,974 after 1,55,155 swab specimens were analysed. In Maharashtra, the highest COVID infected places were Mumbai with 906 new COVID-19 cases, Pune with 1,004, Nashik with 677, Kolhapur with 303, and Latur with 89 confirmed cases.    

(Image: ANI/ PTI)

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