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COVID-19: Mumbai-based Businessman Provides Food To 200 Home Isolated Patients

Amid a devastating second wave of coronavirus, a Mumbai-based businessman is providing food to 200 home isolated COVID-19 patients.


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Amid a devastating second wave of coronavirus, a Mumbai-based businessman is providing food to people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in home isolation. According to ANI, Rajiv Singal is providing food twice a day to 200 home isolated COVID-19 patients. While speaking to the news agency, he revealed that the inspiration came to him after he missed home-cooked food while he was home-quarantined after testing positive last year. 

Singal said, “My whole family was hospitalised due to COVID last year. After being discharged we were home-quarantined. Our neighbour helped us with food but we did not get that taste and hygiene. So we decided to do help people who face such issues”. 

The businessman has hired Asha’s Kitchen, a home-cooked food delivery service, for making food. It is the same food delivery service that he had hired when he was in self-isolation and was missing home-cooked food. Singal said that when he and was family was quarantined, he started ordering food from Asha’s Kitchen. 

“We were satisfied with its taste, hygiene, and service provided by them. This is why I choose it for helping others," he added.

Further, he revealed that the food is provided in an air-tight jar and is customised as per the demand of the patients registered with them. Singal said that he circulated the message of his initiative through social media after which the home quarantined COVID patients contacted him with their details. He added that the people registered with him are provided with a two-time mean for 14 days and if they wish to extend the service, they can give him prior notice. 

Asha Kitchen ready to ‘help and serve people’

The owner of Asha’s Kitchen Asha Bhartiya, on the other hand, said that she along with her husband, family members and few other cooks make food for COVID-19 patients. Asha said that her team wakes up as early as 4am and work till late at night. Bhartiya said that there is no difference between food provided to people who are healthy and order food and the COVID patients. She further added that her team is “ready to help and serve the people”. 

Meanwhile, amid the crisis, not only countries but people and organisations around the globe are coming together to lend a helping hand in whatever capacity to fight the crisis together. UK-based doctors are deploying telemedicine to their colleagues in India in a bid to help them battle the escalating crisis, while Mumbai's Dattatray Sawant has converted his auto-rickshaw into a mobile ambulance to ferry COVID-19 patients for free. Famous celebrities, including Sonu Sood and Vikas Khanna, are also doing their bit to help people.

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