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COVID-19 Survivor Assures 'there's No Need To Panic'; Watch Her Narrate Tale Of Recovery

A woman from Gujarat who had tested positive for COVID-19 narrated her inspiring tale of survival, as a guide to all the citizens panicking about the epidemic.

In one of the most encouraging Coronavirus survival stories, a person from Gujarat who had tested positive for COVID-19 narrated her inspiring tale of survival, as a guide to all the citizens panicking about the epidemic. Speaking exclusively with Republic TV on Monday, Sumiti Singh said that she first began to develop symptoms of the disease on March 14. 

Having traveled to Finland before, she decided to completely isolate herself for four days fearing the spread of the anticipated disease. When it didn't help, Sumiti immediately visited a hospital, where she tested positive for Coronavirus. 

"I developed a slight cough while staying in the hospital. I also experienced shallow breathing, that is when I grew a little fearful. But, fortunately I recovered completely within two days. I tested negative twice, and now I am home," the survivor told Republic TV.

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'There is no need to panic'

While undergoing treatment for COVID-19, Sumiti Singh said, one must be completely stress-free so that the body has enough energy to fight the disease. She advised that one must not panic and trust all will be well soon.

"People should not panic. The body needs to be stress-free. It should have enough energy to fight the disease. My vitals were taken every 1-2 hours. I as the safest at the hospital.  Take it as it comes. Do not panic," Sumiti advised. 

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Speaking of the Government's advisory to stay indoors and follow the lockdown protocols, the survivor said, the best one can do to protect themselves at such times, is stay at home. Recalling the difficult phase when she was away from her family undergoing the treatment, Sumiti said, "it is not worth taking the risk."

"The Government is taking measures only to contain the spread of the disease. We are a large population. We do not want to deal with overwhelming hospitals. So staying at home is the best one can do. There is no upside in taking the risk," the survivor said.

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Overcoming COVID-19

Stating that remaining calm is extremely important for a COVID-19 patient, Sumiti said that there will be shocking phases, but they must prepare for the long fight. 

"You have to be strong because the disease takes a long time to cure. At least 15 to 20 days. Never panic. Do as the doctors say. I was advised to hydrate, and I did so. Give yourself a fighting chance," the COVID-19 survivor said.

Sumiti added that she was lucky to have a fabulous team of doctors and nurses who encouraged her a lot during her treatment. "Being the second Coronavirus patient in the state, I was new to them, but they took great care of me. They gave me a lot of emotional reassurance," she added.

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