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CoWIN COVID Vaccine Booking Trends: Mumbai Full, Pune Not & Similar Elsewhere; 18+ Coming

CoWIN makes apparent that while in some districts the vaccine appointments are being booked to capacity, in many districts, there is capacity in abundance. 


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COVID-19 Vaccine registrations were opened up for all adult Indians last Wednesday, April 28, and administration of doses began nominally from May 1. However, as the largest expansion in COVID vaccinations in India gets underway, it has become clear that it would take some time to get supplies of approved vaccines Covishield, Covaxin and the soon to be made available Sputnik V to every hospital and vaccine camp, free or paid, in the country. Similarly, as per a letter written by the largest vaccine producer - Serum Institute of India - to a hospital last week, making the vaccine available to private players who want to administer it would require a few more months, as supplies to governments are being prioritised and subsequent distribution placed in their hands.

Amid this, however, one thing that becomes clear from a check on the government’s CoWIN vaccine registration and slot schedule booking website is that there are numerous locations where vaccines are available for the 45+ age group. CoWIN also makes apparent that while in some districts the vaccine appointments are being booked to capacity as they should, in many districts, there is capacity in abundance. 

Vaccination capacities on CoWIN - a look at some clusters

An example of this can be witnessed in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune districts. While in Mumbai it is hard to come across any under-booked vaccine dispensaries, in adjoining Thane even vaccines for the 18-44 age group are being listed and administered in increasing quantities. Pune, meanwhile, is showing an abundance of unbooked vaccine doses for Covishield and Covaxin for the 45+ category, with the presumption being that any doses not booked for the given day, including today, will carry forward to the next.

All Slots for 45 and above booked, slots for 18-44 not listed in Mumbai 

Slots for 18-44 listed, vaccines being administered in Thane

Unbooked slots for 45 and above in Pune

Situation in Gujarat 

The same is true in Gujarat. A look at the adjoining Vadodara, Vadodara Corporation and Anand locations shows that Vadodara and Anand have the capacity for the 45+ age group but haven’t quite begun opening it up for the 18-44 category, while Vadodara Corporation has a number of fully-booked centres for the in-demand 18-44 category.

Slots for 45+, for 18-44 yet to be opened in Anand and Vadodara

Fully booked slots for 18-44 in Vadodara Corporation

So far, over 15.7 crore doses of vaccination have been administered in the country. Of the given number, 12.8 crore doses have been administered as the first dose while 2.88 crore have been administered as the second dose. The total number of people vaccinated with these doses includes 6.7 crore males and 6.1 crore females. The number of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) presently stands at 19,936.

(PTI/CoWIN app composite image)

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