Dalai Lama Stresses On The Importance Of Love And Kindness, WATCH HERE

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Dalai Lame: Killing and fighting in the name of religion is very sad, unthinkable all tradition main message is love and kindness, forgiveness and tolerance.

Written By Yash Sanghvi | Mumbai | Updated On:

His Holiness Dalai Lama and Baba Ramdev addressed the people in Delhi today, September 25. The two spiritual gurus are the speakers at the Sarvadharma programme where spoke about the importance of peace and harmony. The Dalai Lama addressing the crowd said, “We are all actually spiritual brothers and sisters and we should all measure and accept this whole world’s tradition because it carries the message of love and kindness and this in spite of our different philosophical fields and philosophical views all of us carry the same message and all of the world’s tradition has the same ability to increase this human love and kindness. (sic)”

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Dalai Lama stressed the importance of peace and harmony 

His Holiness Dalai Lama stressed the importance of peace and harmony while condemning fighting and killing using religion as an excuse, “Especially now these days in the name of religion fighting, killing each other is very sad, unthinkable all tradition main message is love and kindness, forgiveness, tolerance so the religious harmony is very important.”

“It is very possible to develop religious harmony and now India is one living example, it is in this country almost over 2000 years different-different tradition with different-different philosophy existed here, occasionally there would be a problem but otherwise it was very good with a lot of harmony. I think over 3000 years the philosophy of ‘Ahimsa’ and ‘Karuna’ developed, so because of that different rich tradition from the outside, from the West, Western World, Middle East, Islam has come and then later Christian come and in Bombay, a very small community Zoroastrians come, so all no fear very peaceful and this is India’s tradition. (sic)”

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India the prime example of how different traditions can co-exist together 

The Dalai Lama said, now it is India’s time to show the world that different tradition can live and co-exists together and “mutual respect is very important,” India should the world where conflict is present like in Burma where Buddhist and Islam are facing troubles, it is very sad. “India is the living example different rich tradition can live together.” 

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