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Defrauded Chit Fund Investors Say "betrayed" By Mamata Government's Move To Stop CBI

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The defrauded investors and agents of various chit fund companies on Monday said they feel "betrayed" by the West Bengal government's move to stop CBI officers from interrogating the Kolkata Police commissioner and accused the Trinamool Congress dispensation of trying to hide the truth behind the multi-crore scam.

Asim Chatterjee, convenor of the Chit Fund Sufferers Forum, told news agency PTI that the ongoing tussle between the state government and the Centre over CBI's attempt to question Kolkata Police chief Rajeev Kumar is not only condemnable but also an attempt to hide the truth.

Another Forum convenor, Jayanta Haldar, said the outfit would soon organise a rally of defrauded investors of the chit fund companies in the city.

"We will demand that all the culprits be arrested and the money be returned to the duped investors," he added.

"I was both an agent and an investor of a chit fund company. I was duped of about Rs. 30 lakh. Now when the CBI is trying to find the truth behind the scam the state government is trying to stop it," said Bisu, a defrauded investor.

"We feel betrayed," he said and wondered why was the state government so desperate to stop the questioning of the top police officer.

Another defrauded investor Ujjal said he had lost Rs. 25 lakh to both Saradha and Rose Valley chit fund companies.

"We invested in the chit fund companies after we saw the owners hobnobbing with top Trinamool Congress leaders and ministers. It made us trust these firms," he said.

"The state government did nothing else but shielded the culprits. Now when the CBI is trying to unravel the truth, why is the state government creating hurdles?" he asked.

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Amid the ongoing political storm of 'CBI vs Mamata Banerjee' that has struck the city of Kolkata, Republic TV's Shawan Sen exposed the truth behind one of India's biggest scams-- Saradha Scam. In a super exclusive and explosive sting operation on former TMC MP Kunal Ghosh, Republic Bharat shed light on the alleged destruction of evidence in the chit fund scam by Kolkata police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. The former TMC MP, who was interrogated for his alleged involvement in the scam has revealed how Mamata Banerjee has cluttered the matter bringing back the question on Kolkata police's role. Formal Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh, who is now suspended, had headed Saradha's media division.

The Saradha scam was a major financial fraud which lured lakhs of investors to deposit money in its schemes with glossy brochures and the promise of abnormally high returns. An official estimate says Saradha had mopped up about Rs. 1200 crore through its chit funds, but some calculations put that the figure is closer to Rs. 4000 crore. The company collapsed in April 2013.

The opposition had alleged that Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress had close links with Sudipta Sen, the Chairman of the chit fund group. The perceived closeness allegedly also helped it get investors and agents on board. They point out that Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh headed Saradha's media division.

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