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Delhi Man Forges Protective Face Shields Using 3D Printers For Frontline Workers

Currently pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration, Delhi's Udit Kakkar manufactures around 20 to 25 face shields for health workers in a day.


The Coronavirus pandemic has put massive pressure on the health care system in the country, especially the frontline warriors who are risking their lives to save others. In such tough times, good Samaritans are doing what they can to help win this fight against COVID-19. One of them is a 20-year-old Delhi man, who is reportedly manufacturing face shields at home through 3D printers for medics working in the frontline to combat COVID-19. 

Udit Kakar is doing his bit in the fight against COVID-19 by distributing the self-manufactured protective gears to the doctors at a time when there is a dearth of medical equipment at the medical facilities. 

"I am manufacturing face shields at home and I got this idea two weeks back as my mother required these face shields in the hospital as there was some shortage," Kakar told a news agency. "We put the design file in the computer software that makes code for the printer. We put the file in the printer and it starts the printing procedure. The raw material heats up to 200 degrees and it prints layer by layer to the design that is fed," he said. 

Currently pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration, Kakkar manufactures around 20 to 25 face shields for the health workers in a day. He uses advanced technology like the transparent A4 sized overhead protector sheets (OHP) and the elastic bands in the manufacturing process. He has also been offered several contracts from laboratories and doctors after people came to know about his initiative. "I have got around six contracts from laboratories in Delhi and from a few doctors. I cannot take orders from other cities or states due to lockdown. It is difficult to get the shipping done at the moment," Kakkar told ANI. 

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How PPE and protective shields work

The protective face shields are important equipment for the medics while treating a COVID-19 patient to prevent direct contact with the droplets from the cough or sneeze. Several companies, therefore, have started to design the shields using 3D printing to protect the doctors, nurses and first responders, who are battling the rapidly spreading pandemic up-close, as per the media reports. Apart from the protective shields, the global health organizations have also advised the doctors to use Personal Protective Equipment’s or PPE to protect themselves from contracting Coronavirus infection. 

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