Delhi Temple Incident | WATCH: From Netas To Witnesses, Here Are 6 Versions That Piece Together The Temple Attack Incident That Shook Delhi's Hauz Qazi Area

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Amid the reports of certain communal tension in Chandni Chowk's Hauz Qazi area in the aftermath of the fight over car parking following which vandalism of a temple took place, Republic TV has carried out an investigation on the attack

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Amid communal tension in Chandni Chowk's Hauz Qazi area in the aftermath of the fight over car parking which spiralled and culminated in the vandalism of a temple and ensuing clashes, Republic TV has carried out an investigation into what had transpired, in which multiple videos were accessed from the day of the incident, including some showing Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP party's MLA Imran Hussain trying to disperse the crowd.

The investigation report comes at a time when the Delhi Police has updated that a total of nine people, including 4 juveniles, have been arrested in connection with the temple being vandalised on June 30.

Here are six versions, accounts and statements over the Temple attack incident:

Version 1: AAP MLA can be seen in the video

The video shows the AAP MLA attempting to ask the crowd amid the attack to disperse from the spot. As the people move from the attack side in queues, Imran Hussain can also be seen walking with the crowd.

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Republic TV spoke to AAP MLA Imran Hussain who said that he was trying to normalise the situation in the area. He further said that Police is making arrests in the matter and the strict action will be taken against the accused. 

"There is peace here. Yesterday, we all Hindu-Muslim brothers went to the police and we hugged each other. I would like to thank the Delhi Police and media. See we live here for many years. I believe it should not be given political colour. Whichever mischievous or bad element did this, he is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. Whoever is it, the police is keeping a watch. And action would be taken against them. The police are investigating who were the people, where did they come from, who sent them and whosoever did this, police will ensure action so that such type of an event doesn't happen in future. Police is investigating and the accused would get strict punishment," AAP MLA Imran Hussain said. 

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Version 2: BJP MP Vijay Goel blames AAP 

Earlier on Tuesday, BJP MP Vijay Goel blamed the AAP over the vandalism of the Temple. Alleging that AAP is behind the disruption of communal harmony in the area, Goel, refusing to name the AAP leaders he believed were involved in the incident, said: 

"I believe AAP leaders are to be blamed as well, but I won't take names. The people here have told me how a quarrel between two neighbours was turned into a communal one, how people were brought in at night, and how the temple was attacked."

Version 3: Home Ministry summons Delhi Police Commissioner who says arrests are been made in the case

The Union Home Ministry led by Amit Shah summoned Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik over the incident on Tuesday, allegedly over the delay in action in the incident.

Following the meeting, Amulya Patnaik said the situation in the area was returning to normal and the Police have made a series of arrests in the case. 

"The arrests were made before the meeting and legal action will be taken against them. The CCTV footage which was being circulated is of a criminal group who will be identified and arrested soon. The situation is returning to normal now.".

Version 4: Temple Priest gives an account of what happened

Republic TV spoke to the priest of the temple which was vandalised by the mob. Speaking to Republic's reporter, the priest gave an account of what exactly happened during the attack. 

"I was upstairs. I could only hear noises and I did not come down due to fear. There were a lot of people outside, but people who entered the temple were quite less. However, I am not clear about the exact number. The curtains were set on fire. Statues were vandalised. Stones were thrown all around and glasses were shattered," he said. 

Version 5: Amma Committee members

Republic TV also spoke to the members of the Amma Committee based at the Chandni Chowk area who stated that the "conspiracy" has been foiled by the people from both Hindu and Muslim communities, adding that tensions were not carried forward and claiming a conspiracy angle. 

"This conspiracy has been foiled by both communities. This is the best thing. It was not taken forward. The incident was plotted by some people and we congratulate both communities. Our Hindu brothers and Muslim brothers have foiled the conspiracy," they said. 

Version 6: Residents of the Hauz Qazi area

Speaking to the people of the area where the attack took place, Republic found out that the police came to the spot after multiple calls, and that the residents fear that such an incident can happen again. 

"If such a thing happens again after two days, what will we do? Who will give us protection? There are 40 families here, we called the police for 200 times and then they arrived," said one of the residents. 

Another resident condemned the incident adding that police came to the spot and controlled the situation.

"When police came they ensured that the situation is under control and the second thing is that this attack is absolutely wrong. Absolutely wrong. People from whichever religion did it, we can't say that you have done a great job. A small fight over parking escalated to such a big issue and what was the need to attack the temple?" he added. 

The Trigger

On June 30, a clash broke out between two groups over the issue of vehicle parking in the Hauz Qazi area in Delhi's Chandni Chowk. Following the scuffle, a temple was vandalised by a group of people on Sunday night. A sense of communal tension broke in the aftermath of the incident.

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