Delhi VVIP Gun Incident: 'Things Have Only Gotten Worse Since The Jessica Lal Time,' Says Neelam Katara

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In a shocking case of VVIP racism, a BSP’s neta’s son has been booked for wielding a gun at a 5 star hotel in Delhi and threatening and intimidating a woman.

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In a shocking case of VVIP racism, a BSP’s neta’s son has been booked for wielding a gun at a 5 star hotel in Delhi and threatening and intimidating a woman. And, even as the Delhi police has not charged the brat under arms act and also for outraging the modesty of the woman, those who had in past suffered at the hands of VVIP brats spoke to Republic TV and lamented that situation hasn’t changed since the murder of Jessica Lal.

Neelam Katara, while speaking exclusively to Republic TV said the situation has gotten worse than the situation at the Jessica Lal’s time.

"This whole incident definitely gives me a sense of deja vu and it’s a sad situation that things have only gotten worse since the Jessica Lal time, the time she was killed by a son of a politician brandishing a gun and in 20 years there’s been no difference and we are again seeing the same sense of entitlement and also how he has got into the hotel without the security staff checking and that again makes one feel that why these people treated like they are special people,” said Neelam Katara.

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Manu Sharma, the son of former Minister and Congress politician Venod Sharma, had shot Jessica Lal dead when she refused to serve him liquor at Tamarind Court restaurant in South Delhi’s Mehrauli on April 29, 1999.

Katara also lamented that she doesn’t see much out of this case as the accused in the case is a VVIP.

“Obviously the person with who he had a brawl with, the victim, if I may say, he is lucky that he is alive but he has not reported. I saw on some channel that he was almost in tears saying that this happened to me. Obviously he was with his wife there and he was really really terrified. I don’t see him lodging a complaint. We had already seen that the hotel thinks that it’s not wise enough to lodge a complaint. And, nobody even tried to stop him because, obviously, he had a gun. Therefore, I don’t see anything much coming out of it. Maybe he will be charged and then the case will go on and on and on and in the meantime he will have every possible chance to begin his political career and the minute he becomes an MLA or an MP, then his life is made,” said Katara.

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In a case of honour killing, Vikas Yadav and Vishal had brutally murdered Neelam Katara’s son and a business executive Nitish Katara on February 17, 2002 as they were opposed to his friendship with their son and UP strongman DP Yadav’s daughter.

Varnika Kundu also reacted to the incident and said:

“This is a gross abuse of whatever power. That guy didn’t even have the power as he had power by proxy because of his brother and his father are powerful people and I think it’s a very clear reflection on the sort of upbringing he has had on the fact that you are not a VIP because you have power and you think you are protected and you can do whatever you want and get away with no consequences. This guy thinks, he lives in a bubble and he can just do anything he wants without any consequences because that’s what his parents had taught him. This sense of entitlement was instilled in him.”

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In August last year, Vikas Barala, the son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, was accused by Varnika Kundi of stalking and harassing her.

Meanwhile, the joint CP has spoken to the victim, who suffered at the hands of a VVIP brat.

In a video which went viral, a man was seen flaunting a gun while threatening a couple at a five star hotel in Delhi. The man has been identified as Ashish Pandey, son of ex BSP MP. Since the video of the incident went viral Ashish Pandey is missing from his residence. The Delhi police is still searching for the brat.

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