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DGCA Issues Notice To American Airlines Seeking Reason For Deboarding Cancer Patient

As per police, the crew was rude to the passenger refusing to help her and the pilot after deboarding the passenger didn't even submit the report in time.

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a notice to American Airlines seeking a reason behind deboarding a female cancer patient, said Delhi Police and added an FIR will be registered if the reply is found unsatisfactory. 

According to the police, the foreign crew was rude to the passenger refusing to help her and the pilot after deboarding the passenger didn't even submit the report in the stipulated time. 

‘It’s not my job to do it’: American Airline Crew Member

The female passenger narrating her alleged ordeal with the female crew on the American Airlines flight on January 30 said she asked the airline crew member to put her bag in the overhead bin, as she was suffering from a medical condition. The female passenger said, “can you please help me put the bag? She was like, it’s not my job to do it. That was her first response, so i told her that I have had a surgery and I am not able to lift it (my hand) at all. She said, I have a back problem too,” and then further explained back to the passenger on the way to put the baggage in the bin. 

Even after explaining to the crew member about the medical condition and the associated surgery the American Airlines staff reiterated about lifting the baggage and keeping it in the bin not being a part of her work profile. In the final request by the victim, the crew member rudely responded, “I am going to throw you out of the airplane,” said the passenger. 

Victim’s sister says, Air-hostess didn't offer help 

The sister of the passenger explaining her medical condition said, “My sister was detected with Cancer, while on a holiday in India. She underwent a surgery very quickly within a week,” and further added her sister was booked on wheelchair assistance because she had a cast after the surgery. “The doctor had asked her not to lift up any weight at all.”

As soon as she entered the flight, “Two of the Air-hostesses had come and told her to remove her baggage and put it in the overhead bin but when she said that she is there on medical grounds they said that it’s alright and baggage can remain next to her,” said passenger’s sister, however when the flight was about to take off an Air-hostess (American) came and asked her to put the baggage in the overhead bin. “My sister said she cannot lift up her hand because she has just had a surgery, she explained the whole situation to her but the Air-hostess went ahead and said she cannot help her.”

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