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Dharmendra Pradhan Pays Tribute To Matangini Hazra To Celebrate 75 Years Of Independence

Union Cabinet Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel, Dharmendra Pradhan on March 12 paid tribute to the revolutionary Matangini Hazra in Kolkata.

The Union Cabinet Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel, Dharmendra Pradhan on March 12 paid tribute to the revolutionary Matangini Hazra in Kolkata who participated in the Indian independence movement until she was shot dead by the British Indian police in Tamluk. After paying his respects to ‘Gandhi buri’, Pradhan accompanied Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Suvendu Adhikari when he files his nomination as the party’s candidate from Nandigram on Friday. 

Hailing the “braveheart of Bengal”, Pradhan shared the images from the occasion commemorating the 75 years of independence. The Union Minister took to Twitter and said that “at the memory of Durga Swarupathi Matangini Hazra, the immortal heroine of the freedom struggle in Tamluk, paid floral tributes to her.” 

“The braveheart of Bengal, who gave the appearance of revolution against colonialism as a fiery flame, did not allow the tricolour to bend even after being shattered by bullets,” added Pradhan while also noting that an “ardent Gandhian” Matangini Hazra played an evident role in awakening “the social consciousness and revolution-consciousness among the countrymen for the active role of women in the freedom movement, was a reflection of life's boundless courage and fearless leadership.”

Born in Hogla village in West Bengal on October 19, 1870, it was in 1905 when Matangini Hazra became politically invested in the Independence movement of the country with her inspiration being Mahatma Gandhi. One of the most notable features of the freedom struggle in Midnapore was the participation of women and Matangini was also one of them. Eventually, she vigorously participated in Gandhi’s Civil Disobedience Movement and Salt Satyagraha. 

Suvendu Adhikari meets locals in Nandigram 

As India witnesses mega celebrations to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence starting from March 12, BJP candidate for Nandigram, Suvendu Adhikari on Friday met with the locals ahead of Bengal polls. According to news agency ANI report, Adhikari also attacked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for remembering the people of Nandigram “every five years when polls come”. He reiterated that “they will defeat" the WB CM. Further, BJP candidate for Nandigram, where Banerjee on Wednesday claimed to have been ‘attacked by two unknown persons’ while campaigning and filing for the nomination, said “I am also filing my nomination.”

“I hope to receive people's blessings. I'm confident people will support BJP & bring it for real development in West Bengal. There is no question of any competition. BJP won 18 Parliamentary seats in 2019 & it will form a strong govt this time with a huge margin,” said Suvendu Adhikari on Friday. 


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