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"Do Not Touch My Uniform", Said DYSP Suraj Gurav To Abusive Congress- NCP MLAs

Written By Dinesh Mourya | Mumbai | Published:


  • Congress-NCP MLAs stopped by the police for entering the Corporate building without permission, even after they got abusive.
  • The MLAs shrugged the issue by calling it a minor incidence

Even though the government has barred using a red beacon, which was a symbol of VVIP culture, the mindset of netas has not yet changed, as they have become habitual of flaunting their VVIP status. Maharashtra’s Kolhapur has witnessed VVIP racism on Monday when two senior leaders have thrown tantrums at the police.

On Monday, December 10 morning, a Former Minister in Maharashtra government and NCP MLA Hasan Mushrif and Congress MLA Satej Patil came to Kolhapur municipal corporation to see the proceeding of polls. Some Congress and NCP Corporators complained to these leaders that police is not allowing them to go into the corporation office over I Card issue.

According to the Kolhapur police, both the leaders tried to go inside the corporation building but were stopped by the Police because only members of the corporation were allowed to go inside the building. Instead of following the guidelines, both the leaders started arguing with the cops, allegedly abused them and tried to flaunt their VVIP status. But the police refused to succumb to the pressure as DYSP Suraj Gurav hit back saying 'We do our duty, we do not do politics, Don't touch my uniform."

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After the police become aggressive, both the leaders left the spot.  Republic TV spoke to the officer DYSP Suraj Gurav who hit back at the netas saying that they will not tolerate if they (the netas) tried to touch their uniform, saying “We were doing our duty and as per the order, only members of the corporation and duty officers are allowed to go inside the corporation office. Both the leaders came there and argued with us, they used some unparliamentary words. We told them that they cannot go inside."

On the other hand, Congress MLA Satej Patil told Republic TV that it was a minor incident. He said, "We went there to enquire why the police are checking the I cards as it is the job of the corporation officers. Police should do their job of providing security and maintaining law and order. How can they stop corporator?"

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Though the Congress MLA called the incident "a minor episode" but the video of the incident has become viral on social media. Many are praising the officer for bravely protecting his police personnel and teaching a lesson to the arrogant netas.