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Dr Arvinder Singh Soin Gets Mild COVID Again Despite 2nd Vaccine Dose; Attests 'they Work'

Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin spoke to Republic on Remdesivir, new variants of COVID-19, and clarified confusions regarding COVID-19 and urged people to take vaccine.


Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin on Monday spoke exclusively to Republic where he talked about COVID-19 appropriate behavior. While talking about what can be the biggest fear in front of us, Dr. Soin mentioned that it will be the unavailability of beds with oxygen. He added that having just the bed is not enough, we need oxygen with that. He added that we might have enough oxygen for now but if there is a national shortage then everyone will not get the stock of oxygen. 

When asked about the Remdesivir drug, the doctor added that we have to be very clear about the drug. 

"Remdesivir is not a life-saving drug, but it cuts down the recovery time from 10 to 6 days as shown in the scientific data. It is well and good if you get it but it is not going to take someone's life if you don't give it to them, having said that, like Delhi has a control room it should be there in every state of India so that people, and Hospitals which actually need it can get it," added Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin.

Doctor Soin had recently tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time. He had tested positive after taking the second dose of the vaccine. However, he stressed upon the importance of the vaccine and urged people to take it. 

"Got COVID 9 months ago, received the 2nd vaccine dose a month ago. Now am COVID positive again! Not unexpectedly, my symptoms are quite mild (vaccines work). Will continue to see patients online. And spread awareness. Stay safe. Stay home, tweeted Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin yesterday.

Control is needed

Amid shortage of Remdesivir and several states demanding the drug to the central, Dr. Soin added that there needs to be a control of the drug that is required by people who are under severe conditions. There is a shortage of Remdesivir, oxygen beds, and medicines but if orders are ramped up, supplies are delivered and they are controlled in the control room and given only to needy patients, we can definitely deal with it. 

Younger individuals are getting affected

When asked to clarify the confusion regarding the new variants, the doctor added that if we talk about the new variant then it is a mainly double mutant and the UK variant as we have not done enough research to say which one is more prevalent but it is a bit different from last year as the younger generation is highly getting affected, and there are different symptoms like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and cold cough are happening much more often. 

He further added to not rush to hospitals unless symptoms are severe.

"I want to clarify that unless someone does not have severe symptoms, do not rush to hospitals. If you are tested positive, make sure you are in home isolation unless the oxygen count falls down and you have a severe fever, or if you are having vomiting, diarrhea and not being able to keep yourself dehydrated, and chest pain, only then you need to go to the hospital. 85% people can be treated from home only," added renowned doctor Arvinder Singh Soin. 

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