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Dr. Devi Shetty Emphasises On Need For 'special COVID-19 Hospitals', Trained Nurses

Amid Coronavirus outbreak, noted cardiac surgeon and Narayana Health founder Dr. Devi Shetty stressed on the need of setting up exclusive COVID-19 hospitals. 

As Coronavirus continues to be a threat to the country, noted cardiac surgeon and Narayana Health founder Dr. Devi Shetty stressed on the need of setting up exclusive COVID-19 hospitals. Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Dr. Shetty reasoned out the need for exclusive COVID-19 hospitals in order to mitigate the situation.

Giving an example of a city like Banglore, Dr. Shetty stated that every hospital in the city is well equipped to contain the disease and added that if patients are distributed across the city, it will be difficult to manage the situation. 

"Giving an example of a city like Bangalore, a city like this will have a few thousand positive cases and it will require some type of critical care service. So it is very important to identify large hospitals in the heart of the city, which is already run by the government, as it will require infrastructure to manage 2000 patients and it would offer critical care with piped oxygen. If the COVID-19 patients are distributed across the city it will be very difficult to manage and they will spread," said Dr. Shetty.

Furthermore, Dr. Shetty elaborated on the need for ventilators in hospitals and equipment for person protection

"The facility to add a ventilator should be there because 15% of COVID-19 positive patients will require hospitalization, 12% of them will need high flow oxygen, and 5% will require respiratory therapy support with the ventilator. Hospitals would also require specially trained nurses with person protection types of equipment," he said. 

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Coronavirus in India 

As of March 21, the total number of positive cases in India is around 290. The maximum cases of the virus have been reported in Maharashtra and Kerala. So far, four deaths have been reported. 

The Centre has “strongly advised” Indians to avoid all non-essential travel abroad. The government is also monitoring all suspected cases and has issued preventive advisories. Earlier on Saturday, the Central government decided to treat the deadly virus as a "notified disaster", and has since issued even more advisories and travel restrictions.

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