EAM Jaishankar: 'Countries Now See India In A Different Light'

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External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar while addressing a news briefing in Washington said that countries now see India in a new light, see an empowered govt.

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While addressing a media briefing after meeting the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in Washington on Monday, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said that the countries now see India in a new light.

'Countries want to meet India'

He said, “I would say in most cases, it was actually that the meetings were sought by the other party because today people are interested in meeting us and talking to us. They do see a government that is empowered by the electoral mandate that we have. They do look at India as a growing economy which is both the source of new demands and new capabilities. So, a lot of those conversations were really, in a way, very bilateral. In the sense that the country ‘X’ was interested in what they could do with us and what we could do with them, depending of course on a country having a regional issue or a global issue. So it depends very much on the country concerned.”

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'We have had satisfactory events'

He said, “There were some other events that were, for us, very satisfactory. We were able to make our mark, make our impact globally. We were able, in a number of areas, to convince various countries on issues that are of importance to us. You know, overall my reading would be that most countries do have a sort of respect for the---do want to build strong relationships with us for the future and of course, for me, the Washington trip is really tending to be a bilateral relationship. And history has shown that we need to keep paying attention to that.”

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While talking about the Monday meeting with Pompeo, he said, “It was a very comfortable meeting. A big part of it was on various bilateral issues. In a sense, we were doing stock-taking post PM’s meeting.” He also recalled the various bilateral meetings that he and PM Modi held with different countries. He said, “Each bilateral meeting had a different focus. So the combination was different and the agendas were different. Apart from that, PM also did a number of bilaterals and I also did a number of bilaterals.”

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