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Elections 2022: EC To Set Up 1620 All-women Polling Stations To Encourage Female Voters

CEC Sushil Chandra highlighted the Election Commission's 'firm commitment towards the greater constructive participation of women in polls.'

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With the stage all set for assembly polls in five states, the Election Commission of India on Saturday announced the dates for Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur. During the press conference, Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra covered several points of focus of the commission, one of them being the initiative to encourage women voters in the upcoming 2022 elections. CEC Sushil Chandra also announced that 11.4 Lakh first-time women voters from across the five states will cast their vote in the 2022 elections.

Election Commission announces initiative to encourage women voters

Sushil Chandra mentioned that as the commission's 'firm commitment towards the greater constructive participation of women', they have decided that each assembly constituency will have at least one polling station required to be managed by a woman staff member. He stated that some constituencies would also have many more than just one station, and the commission is looking at setting up 1620 such polling booths exclusively for women. He mentioned that this would 'empower women', and help them go forward to cast their vote 'without any hesitation'.

The Chief Election Commissioner said,

"As a part of our firm commitment towards the greater constructive participation of women in the electoral process, the commission has mandated that at least one polling station managed exclusively by women shall be set up in every assembly constituency. Our officers have identified even more than that. There are 690 assembly constituencies, but we are setting up a total of 1620 such polling stations that will be totally handled by women staff. This will definitely empower women, set an example for others, that women can come freely to cast their votes without any hesitation and problem."

Elections 2022 amid COVID surge

Sushil Chandra also shed light on the increasing COVID cases across the country and announced that the 2022 elections would take place keeping the required safety norms in place. Political parties and candidates were also urged to conduct rallies digitally, rather than physically, as far as possible. All officials on election duty will also be required to be double vaccinated and will receive booster doses as well. Chandra also announced that those citizens above the age of 80, with disabilities and COVID-19 positive individuals, will have the chance to cast their vote through postal ballot.

Image: PTI

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