WATCH: Elephant Enters Army Dining Hall In Assam And Wreaks Havoc; Desperate Measure Taken

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The Army Langar in Guwahati's Narengi on Wednesday got a sudden & unexpected visitor, a wild Elephant, after which a desperate attempt was made to chase it out

Written By Anirudha Bhakat | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Army Langar in Guwahati's Narengi on Wednesday got a sudden visitor - an Elephant. Though he had been a frequent visitor in the vicinity, this time he decided to get inside the Langar (Army Dining Hall). The visitor hails from the Amsong Reserve Forest, adjoining the Narengi Military Station. It may be mentioned that an Elephant Corridor passes through the Military Station, and wild elephants often use it to go to the Silsaku Beel on the other side of the station. 

In the video of the incident, the Elephant can be seen entering via an appropriately-sized door, then moving in and tossing the chairs inside around. It is eventually chased out with the use of fire.

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No reports of any conflict

Earlier also wild tuskers from the corridor area have wandered outside of the Military Station, in search of food. However, till date, there are no reports of any conflict between the residents of the Military Station and the wild elephants. Both sides have been living cordially. Earlier this month, the Army saved an elephant and her calf, who fell into a water tank. On the other hand, if we talk about man-elephant conflict in other parts of the State, it has been on the rise. Encroachment of forest and reserves have put the wildlife in danger.

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