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'China changing status quo' | Ex-Army Chief Weighs In On PLA Construction Video; Seeks 'strong Actions Diplomatically'

Indian Army sources have rubbished the contention that the video of the Chinese PLA engaged in construction work is from Arunachal Pradesh.

Image: Twitter@GenralJJSingh/Republic World

Hours after a purported video of China's People Liberation Army (PLA) engaged in construction work very close to the International Border (IB) near Arunachal Pradesh emerged, former Army Chief, General (Retd) JJ Singh while talking to Republic TV weighed in on the claim and said that it is still not clear whether the PLA personnel were on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) or not. Speaking to Republic, Gen JJ Singh added that the video doesn't clearly define the 'exact location' of the Chinese activity. 

"I have seen the video and it is difficult to make out the exact location where the Chinese activity is being shown," General (Retd) Singh said, adding, "Unless one knows the location, it will not be right to comment." He further added, "It is very much likely that the personnel involved the construction work maybe on their side of the LAC."

Commenting on the development, General JJ Singh said, "With the construction work on, the Chinese army is trying to change the status quo near the border. However, if they are working on their side, we can't really raise an objection."

He added, "Even if it is happening on their side, it is changing the status quo. They are trying to provoke us, so we have to take strong actions diplomatically and politically."

PLA construction video

After it was alleged that the purported video of PLA workers engaged in construction work was on the Indian side of LAC, Indian Army sources rubbished the claim. According to the sources, the video was shot by locals in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh. In the video, PLA personnel are seen working with machines allegedly near Hadigara-Delta 6 in Chaglagam which is at the border. They were reportedly constructing a helipad as well, sources suggested.

Meanwhile, sources in the Eastern Command confirmed that the video was shot recently. The construction video comes at a time when Indian and Chinese soldiers are engaged in a faceoff along the Line of Actual Control. 

Galwan valley clash

A violent clash between the Indian and Chinese troops broke out in the Galwan valley in June 2020, resulting in losses on both sides. The clashes took place in and around Ladakh's Galwan valley and Pangong Lake and claimed the lives of soldiers from both the sides causing sourness in an already difficult bilateral relationship. The conflict killed nearly 21 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese troops, with Beijing refusing to reveal the actual number of casualties. It was followed by multiple attempts of provocation by the Chinese side at the end of August 2020. 

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