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EXCLUSIVE: Air Marshal SBP Sinha Dismisses Theories Suggesting MoD Was Against Rafale Deal

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Air Marshal SBP Sinha, the chairman of Rafale negotiation committee, dismissed theories suggesting MoD was against Rafale deal
  • Speaking exclusively to Republic Bharat, the senior defence officer made it very clear that the Ministry of Defence was very much behind the deal, and had zero doubts about it

The months-long sustained effort by Rahul Gandhi to lie his way through making a 'scam' of the Rafale fighter jet deal between India and France hit a brick wall on Friday, as a newspaper report he had upheld to make his point turned out to be a fatal piece of fake news. And now, Republic Bharat has carried out the biggest ever expose on Rafale, with the man who led the Rafale negotiations and knows all about the deal - Air Marshal SBP Sinha - comprehensively demolishing the Congress president and his fake news stories.

Speaking exclusively to Republic Bharat, the senior defence officer made it very clear that the Ministry of Defence was very much behind the deal, and had zero doubts about it.

"It is necessary to understand how Rafale negotiation took place. We were a team of 7. There were two air force officers and five joint secretary officers from ministry. Whetaver we did, it was done with consensus. The procurement process began after the approval by Defence acquisiton council, whose chairman is Defence minister. Then how can the Defence minister be against it?" Air Mashal SBP Sinha said.

When asked by Republic Bharat's editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami about whether there was any pressure on him by the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar or even PM Modi, Air Marshal Sinha vehemently denied all such claims. 

"The pressure was not being put, and the biggest example of this is the fact that such a big matter came up in this note, but the MoD neither asked me about it, nor they forwarded me the letter," he added.

Earlier on Friday, a newspaper report had published a 2015 'letter' by the Ministry of Defence where a paragraph had seemingly dissented about the PMO's then 'parallel parlays' and its adverse impact on India's negotiations. Hailing this as final proof, Rahul Gandhi held a press conference where he reiterated his Rafale allegations regarding pricing of the aircraft. However, this argument and the story was blown to smithereens by three incredible revelations.

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The first was when the then Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar clarified that the dissent note in question spoke about the PMO's attempts to get a sovereign guarantee from France, not about the pricing.

The second was when it emerged that the newspaper story and Rahul Gandhi had upheld and endorsed a letter that had been shamefully cropped, leaving out two incredible pieces of information: the first being a paragraph about how it was about a sovereign guarantee, and the second, the remarks of then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, where he called the dissenting paragraph an overreaction.

The third, was a 2016 letter by the then French Prime Minister to PM Modi offering an ironclad assurance that the French government would ensure that Dassault aviation and other players would adhere to the contract signed with India.