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EXCLUSIVE| Don't Presume That There Will Be A Long-term Mahagathbandhan: Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

From demonetisation, Ram Temple to former RBI governor Urjit Patel's exit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cleared the air on several issues in his first interview of 2019 to ANI's Smita Prakash on Monday. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad while speaking about the interview on The Debate with Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami said:  

"Now here is a case where the Prime Minister took all the questions which were possible and gave his reply. The Prime Minister today addressed a lot of questions on a variety of issues. Whether they make up for the 2019 elections or not is a different question but the Prime Minister clarified his position on a variety of issues. As the leader of the country and as the Prime Minister he is entitled to convey his views and that's what he has done".

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"You may have seen, the Prime Minister has spoke about all those subjects. From corruption to Governance to misuse of the institution to the issue with Pakistan to the sanctity to India's security forces and giving support to them...variety of issues. Let's take this whole issue of Mahagathbandhan. What he said, he said I am the issue. Today if all the so-called political formations are combining together then against Narendra Modi Ji and the BJP and the NDA, this is our victory. There is a recognition by them that they cannot defeat Narendra Modi and the NDA single-handedly. That's a big achievement of ours. The way the people of the country supported us. On the issue of corruption, he has been very forthright, on Rafale, including those alleging and having their own kind of relationships and a variety of within the deal...during the UPA and Congress regime no Defence deal was possible. The Prime Minister today has conveyed those views. The way Rafale issue was raised by Rahul Gandhi without any bases and even after the Supreme Court's categorical finding after examining all the angles. Is Rahul Gandhi above the Supreme Court?", he added. 

"One thing I would like to say since you twice mentioned the Sohrabuddin case. this case is a test case of how the agencies were abused by the UPA government to frame Amit Shah and Prime Minister. Today, the judiciary has exposed that there was a desire to frame people and pick up collusive evidence under force. The Court has exposed that."

He further said: 

"Let me put the things in a very clear perspective. Do you see that those who have fought against each other for so many years will together only for the sake of fighting Mr Modi? Forget they will come with us or not, it's a different question altogether. What happened in MP and Chhattisgarh, did they go for an alliance? Therefore, on the one hand, is a plank of stability and performance and hope and on the other hand is an opportunistic alliance to oppose Modi. Are you sure that Mayawati or any one's alliance will go on? See the inherent instability. You are presuming that there will be a Mahagathbandhan" 

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On Ayodhya ordinance:

"In case of Ram Janamabhoomi matter what the Prime Minister said is that we will go by the Constitutional Course. Let's wait what happens. The Prime Minister has been very clear and categorical".

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