EXCLUSIVE: From Politicisation Of Air-strikes, To Wing Commander Abhinandan And Even Ram Mandir, Baba Ramdev Elaborates On The Brimming Issues

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Ramdev Baba speaking exclusively to Republic Bharat touched upon various issues brimming in the country at the moment

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Holding a sense of confidence in Prime Minister's counter-terrorism endevours, Ramdev Baba speaking exclusively to Republic Bharat touched upon various issues brimming in the country at the moment, ranging from the current tensions between India and Pakistan to the on-going political scenario ahead of the Lok Sabha elections with the Opposition party leaders questioning the credibility of the air-strikes and demanding for proof, PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti's 'Josh of Patriotism' remark.

Opposition asking for 'air-strike evidence' 

Congress leaders Kapil Sibal, Digvijay Singh and Salman Khurshid politicising the counter-terrorism air-strikes on Pakistani soil have asked for 'proof' and in-return questioned the government for playing air-strike politics. Speaking over which, Ramdev baba said that similar to the proof of the surgical strike, the government will provide the Balakot air-strike proof after the investigation is terminated. 

He said, "After the air-strikes, now the investigation against the terrorists and the ones who harbour them is on-going. When the surgical strikes happened earlier, the government gave a proof of it, the government will give a proof of the air-strike as well. The investigation is still going on." 

He further called the Opposition leaders 'anti-national' for undermining the national security and allowing Pakistan to laugh at the country on their expense. 

"There is an entire gang of traitors who are speaking against the country. The country-men are looking at these people. They should think that when it comes to national security the country should be one otherwise from Pakistan to other opposition powers in the world they will get a chance to make a mockery out of us. This is not against national-interest," he added. 

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Digvijay Singh Pulwama 'accident' 

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress leader Digvijaya Singh resorted to shameful 'strike politics' by terming the Pulwama terror attack as an "accident" on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, Digvijaya Singh had tweeted: "However, there is a spec of doubt emerging within the foreign media on the creditability of our government in reference to the Airstrike conducted after Pulwama (durghatna) accident.  

Speaking over which Ramdev Baba called him a 'traitor' for calling Pulwama terror attack an 'accident', he said, "This was a terrorist attack. In an accident people might get injured, but saying that 40 jawans getting martydom is an accident is absolutely betraying the country."

Mehbooba Mufti over 'Jai Hind' 

After Air India announced that the crew will have to say "Jai Hind" after every flight announcement "with much fervor", Mehbooba Mufti in a tweet has affixed this move with the General Elections. In a tweet, the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said that the 'josh of patriotism' has reached the skies ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. 

Responding over this comment, Ramdev said that the former BJP ally 'does not have the love for the country' and that BJP regretted allying with Mufti's PDP. 

He said, "See saying 'Bharat Mata ki Jai','Vandemataram' 'Jai Hind' that bring out patriotism, people say some words to personify the nationalism. If some people object in expressing love for the country then I feel they don't have the love for this country."

"BJP regretted to ally with PDP and that's why they seperated. They repented by breaking the alliance," he added. 

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Prime Minister Modi on killing terrorists. 

Ramdev Baba said speaking over PM Modi's belief of barging into the houses of terrorists and killing them said that India is as capable as the United States to kill terrorists in their own territory just like they did to Taliban and Al Qaeda founder and 9/11 perpetrator Osama bin Laden

He said, "It is every country's right to protect themselves, and the international laws and the International Court of Justice that  are made, it is every country's right. If America can come to Afghanistan and Pakistan to kill the Taliban and Osama bin Laden then even India can enter their houses and kill. Modiji will do it, I believe." 


When questioned if the air-strikes had an electoral motive behind, Ramdev Baba said that along with other developmental issues, national security is equally vital and that elections and politics is not bigger than the country.

He said, "The country is bigger than elections, the vote-bank and when it comes to the country, the national security should be given importance. There are other issues, poverty, black money, unemployement and development, these are the issues of the country but along with this even national security is vital."

"Elections, politics is not the biggest issue of the country, but the country itself is important. The country's interest should come first. Now the elections are here, Pulwama happened before that, the government and Defences Forces will work together," he added. 

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Pakistan media

Speaking of the Indian Opposition providing fodder to Pakistani media in a narrative against the air-strikes, he said that first those who harbour the terrorists should be taken care of and then 'these people should also be taken care of' and further went on to call them anti-national.  

He said, "They are giving Pakistan a chance to speak against the country, this is a betrayal of the country. First, handle the terrorists and those who harbour terrorists and then these people should also be taken care of. These are anti-nationals." 

Wing Commander Abhinandan

When questioned if the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan a 'gesture of peace' as cited by Pak PM Imran Khan, Ramdev Baba called off the facade citing that Pakistan is not pro-peace and that soldiers were martyred on the day of Wing Commander's return. 

He said, "The day Abhinandan was returned to India, five jawans were martyred. Pakistan is not pro-peace, Imran Khan is a devil, he did not favour to India."

"We are not against the Pakistani citizens, we are against terrorists and those who harbour them," he added.

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Ram Mandir 

Amid the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, Ramdev baba spoke about Ram Mandir and held on to his stand that the Mandir should be made. 

He said, "Ram Mandir is our respect, pride, self-respect for Hindus and Muslims both. Even today, I will say, Ram Mandir should be made and along with that there should be character and nation building." 

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