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EXCLUSIVE: 'Had I Done The Dance Step, I Would Never Be Able To Claim Harassment On Him', Says Tanushree Dutta In Interview To Arnab Goswami

Written By Snehal Kataruka | Mumbai | Published:


  • In the wake of Tanushree Dutta's allegations against Nana Patekar, the actress exclusively spoke to Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-chief of Republic TV
  • Sharing an anecdote, the actress revealed how the alleged harassment began

Tanushree Dutta recently left the Nation in a state of aghast after revealing the traumatic incident she went through on the sets of the 2008 film, 'Horn OK Pleassss' while filming a song sequence. She accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of alleged misconduct. While several Bollywood A-listers have spoken, Tanushree Dutta exclusively spoke to Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-chief of Republic TV about the incident on the sets of 'Horn OK Pleassss'. 

She revealed how the alleged harassment began, 

"It was my song shoot, he (Nana) was not even supposed to be there on sets, I even asked the director and the producer that what was he doing there, to which, they said that he just had a line in the song and after that, he would go home. I could see him, he would stare, but I forgive that because I would not hold someone for being obnoxious and weird because you come across enough of those in the film industry". 

She further added, "Since that morning on sets he bridged the distance between me and him, first he stared from a distance then he got closer and then he started grabbing me and pushing me around and all this while I kept thinking why is he here? He is not supposed to be here, while I was rehearsing for the steps, he grabs me by the arm, pushes me around and asks me to stand here and there. He then tells the dancers and the choreographer to move away and starts teaching me how to dance by just pushing me around and I was shocked because I never had that kind of an experience with another actor."

When she was asked about what the producer and the director had to say about Nana Patekar's behavior, Tanushree stated,

"Everybody else on sets was watching, and for them, it was normal because apparently this is how actors behave but I was not used to it. This was the first time I experienced something like this and  I was freezing and I didn't know what was happening around me, I got a little rattled with this so I went and complained to the producer and director and the choreographer separately in my van and even they said that they had no idea what he was doing on sets and that they couldn't tell him anything because he is a senior actor. Sometimes on movie sets, male actors, senior actors, they just get away with things and nobody else is able to say anything."


Tanushree explained how uncomfortable and horrible she felt that day, she said, 

"It was uncomfortable, it was horrible because I was threatened the first time he was staring at me from a distance and then he started getting closer, I could feel it, I could feel that he was assessing me, he was sizing me up, wondering if he could overpower me. I complained to the producer, director and choreographer separately and they did not acknowledge. Choreographer Ganesh Acharya became party to it. Next day the same thing happened and I don't remember this incident very clearly whether it happened on the second day or the third day but the day my car was attacked was the day when his obnoxiousness and his harassment was at its peak." 

Tanushree claimed that nobody listened to her complaints and that was the moment she decided to walk out of the film, 

"These guys made up their mind that they will make me do that dance step, and when I refused to do it, they called me unprofessional on my face. I had decided that I am not going to put myself in a position where this guy will get to feel me up officially. Had I done the dance step then I would never be able to claim harassment on him, and then people would say why did you agree to do the dance step. I am not going to do any step where this guy is feeling me up. I put my foot down and said I am going, and I went to my van and called up my mum, dad, and my manager."