Exclusive: J&K Governor's Advisor K Vijay Kumar Says 'every Step Is To Ensure The Security Of Common Man In Kashmir' Over Security Measures Taken

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Republic spoke to K Vijay Kumar - the advisor to the Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik who said that the plans for a fair future in Kashmir are in place. 

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

As the landline, internet services and mobile network has restored in the state of Jammu and Kashmir after 11 days of lockdown keeping in view the security of the people after the abrogation of Article 370, Republic tried to gauge what are the plans of the government for shaping the future of Jammu and Kashmir which has now been bifurcated into two union territories- Ladakh and Jammu Kashmir. Republic spoke to K Vijay Kumar - the advisor to the Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik who said that the plans for a fair future in Kashmir are in place. 

On Security Clampdown:

"The overall interest is only one - the ensure the peace and tranquillity in the valley and ensure the security of common man. We sometimes take action that is inevitable. You are well aware of what has happened in the past, during Burhan Wani's time, so keeping in mind the situation, actions were taken. Every day we are reviewing the situation. We do not take every region equally, it is a customise and localize kind of efforts."

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On reopening of schools:

"It is a considered decision. We are not opening the entire spectrum of educational institutions. We are going to go step-by-step. It has been decided on the opinion of all officers that we can open junior schools. We are keeping certain factors in mind, we will make sure teachers and students are available and transport is available to them. we will create an ambience of security. On the opinion from ground, we have taken the decision. "

On international media peddling fake news:

"I would not like to take on international media, or national media, or local media. To me all media is the same in the sense that your ability to show good or bad news. There are dangerous consequences when fake news spread. For instance, fake news came on media saying the rift between state police and Central security. This is a highly insidious attempt to create disaffection. It can have negative consequences and that's what we are worried about. The administration will deal with rumour-mongering very seriously."

On communication Blackdown:

"To stop wrong and anti-social elements to communicate within themselves and to save innocent people of falling into these nefarious acts."

On threat coming from Pakistan:

"My remit is more of security and internal security. When you say adversary, to me it also meand people who does all sorts of wrong thing and pretends to be national. Invisible adversaries are equally dangerous.  When somebody makes enraging statements and these local guys get encouraged, I don't mean only people from Kashmir but anti-national elements somewhere in Mumbai or elsewhere, they are equally dangerous. We have to step and tread very very cautiously. That's where the role of media to cooperate as it becomes difficult to handle it just by us."

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Challenges faced by the govt and step to stop radicalisation:

"I was here a long time ago. There is a lot of change, the ground condition keeps shifting. Radicalisation point - weather an Imam who is teaching wrong things, we are moving from general category. we respect the religious leaders but these elements planting wrong things we are watching. Couple of days ago there was an Imam who moved and allowed youngsters anti-national things. We arrested him and chastised him legally. There are two approaches - unnoticed and unaware youths, we try to bring them to their family, then there is Surrender process, we make them surrender and the other is we bring social welfare groups together to help them re-habilitate. It is done in a nuanced manner. It has come down but can't say in future, we understand this and we are watching."

On Stone pelters:

"Since the governor's regime, we have divided into category A,B, C - A is people who are not mending ways after one-two arrests. B and C are people who are there or did it for the first time. For them, we have a special way - a community group. We give a bond - that we will resort to it again. it is not more a legal binding but more a moral binding. And it has an effect on the ground. This message is going on every district especially - Shopian, Srinagar, Pulwama etc. We have made the UAPA law stringent. "

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The message to Kashmiris:

"I can assure that there is tremendous goodwill to do in the shortest possible time. PM has given a grant for sports to develop it. Once these things will reach to the people this will bring change. I am confident about that."

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